APAC Predator League 2022 feat Dota 2 and PUBG to take place in Japan with $400k prize pool

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Jun 29

The Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 announces its arrival and this time around, they’re welcoming the return of an offline grand final. Aside from the wonderful news of a LAN event, Predator Gaming also revealed that the live event will take place in Japan for the first time!

Take a look at the Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 Grand Finals announcement below.

Predator Gaming, a division that bears the Acer Predator brand, announces the return of the APAC Predator League LAN event. The league was active since 2018 and annually hosted the Grand Finals offline in different APAC countries including Indonesia and Thailand. The events were a huge success, accumulating tens of thousands of participants every year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic drove everything online and the league dimmed for several years.

After 3 years, Predator Gaming announces the return of its offline event that is to happen in Japan from November 11 – 13. This is quite surprising as Dota 2’s Japanese scene is relatively small compared to the rest of Asia Pacific. Nevertheless, Dota 2 in Japan has seen sparks of life with Japanese Dota 2 creators merging efforts to promote the game in their nation. This could be one of the factors to 2022’s APAC Predator League making its entrance in Japan.

We reached out to streamer, xiinya, one of the advocates for Japanese Dota 2, and she expressed her excitement.

The APAC Predator League 2022 presents two game titles, PUBG: Battlegrounds and Dota 2. Both titles hold an overall prize pool of $400,000 USD that also covers regional qualifiers’ prizes. Not only that, but the champions of the tournament will also earn the APAC Predator League Shield and Acer Predator gaming gears worth $10,000 USD. Predator League will hold qualifiers in 15 countries and territories. Each qualifier champion will earn an invitation to the Grand Finals in Japan.

Teams from Japan will participate in the 2022 Predator League for both PUBG and Dota 2. The ‘three winners’ of PUBG JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIP Phase 2 will earn a slot in the Grand Final. Meanwhile for Dota 2, it is stated that ‘a dream team representing Japan will be formed in the future.’

There is currently little information on the tournament format, schedule, and so on. For future updates, keep your eyes on Acer’s official socials:

While the eager fans sit back and wait, you can also join a Twitter giveaway by Predator Gaming that gives you the chance to win a variety of Predator Gaming hardware and gears. The giveaway closes on July 20th.

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