UST Esports wins 2022 CLoL Championship after 3-0 sweep over Bay State

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Jun 29

The University of St. Thomas will be celebrating for many days after becoming the 2022 College League of Legends Champions. The young squad took down Bay State College in a clean 3-0 sweep to lift the trophy. Here is’s quick recap of what went down at the LCS studio last night.

In game one, both teams were relying on their team fighting prowess to get them through the game. UST went for a more scaling comp, with Gangplank, Viktor and Jinx while Bay State went for early aggression with Wukong, Kai’Sa and Nautilus.

For the first ten minutes, the game was relatively close. Bay State was able to pick up not only the first couple of kills but also the first dragon of the game. Meanwhile, UST had just under a 1k gold lead through porsche’s winning lane on the Gangplank.

The game broke open not long after, UST took an advantageous fight in the bottom lane, securing three kills and snowballing the gold lead above 2k.

Although Bay State come to the 20-minute mark had the scaling of the dragon soul in their favor, it came at a cost of a 10k gold deficit. The early team fight in the bottom lane was definitely the indicator of where the game went wrong for them. UST was able to take a 1-0 lead following an impressive 23-minute win.

UST was feeling the confidence from game one, with Shogo locking in Vayne. In the right hands, Vayne is a monstrous champion in League of Legends. To make matters worse for Bay State, UST locked in the Lulu, one of the best partners for the Vayne pick.

For the second game running it would be Bay Stay that would come out with the first blood. The Vayne and Lulu bottom lane was not working out, with SophistSage getting an early two-kill lead by the six-minute mark.

This was the first time in this series that Bay State had garnered a solid lead in both the gold and the objectives. With a 2k gold lead coming into the ten-minute mark, Bay State opened the door for a UST comeback. An over-aggressive dive in the top lane ensured Shogo was fully online as the Vayne picked up two kills.

This game was very close throughout all stages of the game. This is a game Bay State will be itching to watch back and review. From once a 3k lead, their advantages slipped and ultimately gave UST an opportunity for UST to go 2-0 up in this series. They did just that, eventually closing the game out in 33 minutes to move to match point.

UST made College League of Legends history by making this best-of-five the quickest best-of-five in College League of Legends Championship history. For the third game in a row, it would be Bay State that comes out of the gates swinging with an early kill lead onto UST.

College League of Legends is not your generic slow-paced pro game, these games are fast and loose and this was showcased with 15 kills being shared across the teams before the ten-minute mark. Akin to game one, UST took a firm lead after a team fight around ten minutes into the game. A small gold lead quickly became a 3k advantage for the University of St. Thomas.

By the 20-minute mark, UST was knocking on the doors of Bay States Nexus turrets. UST was able to swiftly end the game, making history in the process by recording the fastest final in CLoL history.

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Jordan Marney  ESPORTS.GG  2022-06-13 12:21:00
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