The 3 best heroes to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends

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Mar 22

Diggie, the Timekeeper, is one of the most banned heroes in ranked Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games for good reason.

His ultimate ability, Time Journey, is an unparalleled counter against heroes with crowd control abilities.

This ultimate effectively nullifies any crowd control effects around him while simultaneously granting shields to nearby allies.

Time Journey leaves popular team fight initiators like Atlas and Tigreal powerless as their crowd control ultimates are rendered ineffective.

When facing off against this support hero in ranked matches, several heroes can effectively neutralize his impact. Here are the top three hero choices to pick when he’s on the opposing team.

Valentina is a strong counter to Diggie mainly because of her ultimate, I Am You, which lets her copy an enemy’s ultimate and use it for herself.

This means that even if the enemy team picked the Timekeeper to boost allies with crowd control abilities, Valentina can still use Time Journey to disrupt their plans.

In this matchup, you must prioritize Fleeting Time as your first item.

This item reduces her ultimate’s cooldown with each kill or assist, allowing her to copy the ultimate more frequently. This strategy works especially well when facing an enemy team with many crowd control heroes.

Esmeralda is an excellent counter to Diggie, so much so that she benefits from his Time Journey during team fights.

Her first skill, Frostmoon Shield, plays a pivotal role in this matchup.

When he activates Time Journey, Esmeralda can capitalize by using Frostmoon Shield to strip away the shields of all enemies in his vicinity and turn it for her own.

Moreover, Esmeralda possesses an in-built movement speed boost with the skill. This enables her to pursue fleeing enemies even if the Timekeeper attempts to pull her back with Reverse Time.

If the enemy Diggie opts for magic damage items, he’s likely to rely heavily on Auto Alarm Bombs for poke damage, particularly in the early game.

To counter this strategy, select heroes with sustain abilities.

While all heroes with healing abilities are effective, the optimal choice in this scenario is Estes.

He may not have a direct counter to Diggie’s Time Journey, but he excels at keeping his teammates alive against high magic damage output users.

During the laning phase, stay with your ally marksman in the gold lane to mirror Diggie.

If he chooses to roam, split your time between supporting the gold laner and assisting the jungler in securing nearby objectives.

Regarding itemization for this matchup, focus on acquiring Athena’s Shield to mitigate the burst damage from Diggie’s abilities, and Fleeting Time to reduce the cooldown of your ultimate, ensuring you can provide consistent healing support to your team.

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