The 3 best heroes to counter Vexana in Mobile Legends

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Jul 01

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.6.94 was released a few days ago, and players can’t stop raving about revamped Vexana. Once a bottom dweller in terms of popularity and pick rate, the Shimmer of Hope is now the seventh most banned hero in the game, according to MLBB stats.

She’s so popular in the current meta that players will instantly lock her if she gets past the first phase of banning.

She has a completely new set of skills, gaining the ability to summon a massive undead knight as big as the Turtle with her ultimate, Eternal Guard, and now has the potential to make or break team fights, unlike before when she was more of a liability.

Revamped Vexana can still be countered, however, for she doesn’t have any mobility skills or reliable crowd control. Here are three heroes who have a fighting chance against the Shimmer of Hope in the new patch.

First on the list is the queen of the seas, Kadita. She is perfect against squishy heroes who have no escape skills, such as Vexana. Once she stuns a target with Breath of the Ocean, Kadita can immediately close the gap with Ocean Oddity and deal the killing blow with Rough Waves.

Ocean Oddity and Rough Waves are also great skills for escaping Vexana’s ultimate, Eternal Guard. Plus, Kadita’s passive, Thalassophobia, can restore most of her health if she gets comboed in a team fight. Pick Kadita if you want the safest and easiest response to revamped Vexana.

Aurora and Vexana function the same way. Both heroes excel in initiating team fights and surprising the enemy team with their area-of-effect skills. What sets Aurora apart is that her passive, Pride of Ice, freezes enemies in place.

A skilled Aurora player will be able to abuse Vexana’s lack of mobility by hiding in the bush, freezing her once she goes near, and bursting her down.

This is a lot easier to pull off if Aurora catches her alone, isolated from her teammates, especially if she doesn’t have Purify or Winter Truncheon. The downside to the Aurora pick is she doesn’t have any mobility as well, so it’s more of a skill matchup once it reaches the late game when both heroes are at full build.

Kagura is one of the hardest heroes to learn in the Land of Dawn, but she can be very rewarding, especially in higher ranks. She has mobility, decent damage, and can cancel crowd control skills with Rasho Umbrella Flee.

She can cancel Vexana’s Cursed Blast and Eternal Guard combo if casted at the right time, and can counterattack with Seimei Umbrella and Yin Yang Overturn. Vexana won’t have an answer to her damaging skills, and will be forced to burn whatever Battle Spell she has.

Even if the Vexana player choses to be defensive and hide in bushes, Kagura’s umbrella will be able to provide vision in an area using Seimei Umbrella Open in chokepoints.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-07-01 13:15:00
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