Why invading the enemy jungler is a bad idea in Mobile Legends patch 1.6.94

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Jul 05

The jungle role is the most difficult position to master in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Also known as the core or the playmakers, the jungler is responsible for securing creeps, controlling the map, protecting the lanes, and ganking when the opportunity arises.

The role may have become even more challenging now that patch 1.6.94 is live, also known as the Rise of the Necrokeep update. Aside from the major hero revamps, there were also numerous changes made to jungle creeps and Retribution.

The first five minutes of the game is usually the most important time for any jungler, where they either snowball the game or get left behind entirely. This is why Tigreal and Franco were the top two picks in ranked games, for they have the ability to invade, reset the creeps, and delay the enemy jungler from securing the buff.

Now that patch 1.6.94 is live, this situation changes entirely. Displaced creeps now return to their position much faster, and will not fully recover their HP after the first instance. This means that delaying the Thunder Fenrir or Molten Fiend as the jungler’s first move is no longer a viable strategy in the current patch.

Junglers were hit as well in the update. In the first five minutes of the match, heroes with the Retribution Battle Spell won’t be able to get any gold and EXP from minions when an ally is nearby. Minion rewards from killing minions when no ally is nearby has also been increased from 30% to 50%.

These changes will drastically change how junglers roam the map in the early game, for they will now focus on maximizing the clearing of creeps instead of cheesing the sidelane, and stealing extra EXP and gold from siege minions.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-07-04 12:41:00
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