All we know about the ESL One Malaysia 2022 so far: Teams, Schedule, Broadcast, and more

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Jul 05

As 2022 witnesses the return of LAN events, ESL joins in on the live hype and announced the upcoming ESL One Malaysia 2022. In just a few months, the vast Dota 2 scene will witness a Tier 1 Dota 2 championship take place in Genting Highlands, featuring the ever-so-passionate live crowd. This marks ESL’s third event in Malaysia, after two successful events in 2017 and 2018.

The championship offers an attractive $400K USD where 12 teams will battle it out for a slice of the prize. The tournament begins on August 23rd with the Group Stage bloodbath. The Main Event starts on August 26th – 28th, in the nostalgic Arena of Stars at the Resorts World, Genting.

ESL is slowly teasing out information regarding the ESL One Malaysia that keeps fans on edge. We will collect all information and update this article when more info gets released!

A total of 12 teams will attend the championship, with 7 receiving direct invites and 5 coming from each region’s qualifiers. Similar to the previous TI and Major format, ESL One Malaysia uses the Round Robin Group Stage format and then the Double Elimination Playoffs.

ESL One Malaysia’s Group Stage separates the 12 teams into Group A and B. From each group, teams meet each other in a BO2 match and the 2 bottom teams are eliminated. The Playoffs, as per usual, consist of BO3 matches except for the Grand Final which is a BO5.

What are the dates of the ESL One Malaysia Qualifiers?

All regions have its Qualifier; North America (NA), South America (SA), Western Europe/CIS (EU), China (CN), and Southeast Asia (SEA). From each region, 3 teams will join the Open Qualifier and 5 more will be invited to the Closed Qualifier. One team advances to the ESL One Malaysia from each region’s qualifier.

Qualifiers Date:

The Group Stage of the tournament will have three separate broadcasts showing different games simultaneously. The broadcasts will be on Stream A, Stream B, and Stream C.

Here is a quick schedule summary for the ESL One Malaysia 2022. We will update this schedule when more info is released including the results in the future.

The list of participants is still incomplete and ESL is gradually revealing the invited teams. We will continue to update this list when ESL reveals more.

ESL announced the first invitee and it is none other than OG themselves. The Stockholm Major champions is arguably the most popular Dota 2 team at the moment and their presence will bring some exciting explosions at Genting Highlands. Can OG make this their 2nd championship in a row?

SEA’s strongest force is ready to rile up the home crowd! Fnatic has been an insanely consistent team despite a little roster shuffle here and there. Nevertheless, the local squad is only growing stronger over time, pulling off one of the craziest games at the Stockholm Major vs OG. Will the kings of SEA defend their territory and claim the championship?

More teams: TBA

For those who are planning to attend the LAN event, there are multiple ticket packages that you can choose from. However they are QUICKLY selling out! At the time of writing, 80% of tickets have been sold out.

Ticket options:

You can purchase your tickets here.

Fans and players attending the tournament will also witness the creative side of Dota 2 with the cosplay competition. If you are interested to join in on the fun and flex your best character impersonation, you can sign up for the cosplay here. Those that sign up for the competition will receive 2 ‘Plus’ Tickets including all the freebies for the ESL One Malaysia. Moreover, there will be a $2,200 USD (RM9,500) overall reward for the best cosplayers of the event.

Prize distribution for the ESL One Malaysia 2022 cosplay competition:

More awaits in August of 2022, so meanwhile, stick around for anything Dota 2.

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