Mobile Legends Vexana guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos

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Jul 06

Vexana, the Shimmering Hope, was revamped in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.6.94. She previously held the record for the lowest pick rate in ranked according to MLBB stats, and was nowhere to be seen in the competitive scene.

Thanks to the recent Rise of the Necrokeep patch, her kit is now improved. She received a new character model, turning her from a horrific demon with giant horns to an attractive witch that could very well be the evil version of Rafaela.

Still, playing the hero requires a bit of patience, especially since all of her skills are skill shots. Learn more about the newest revamped Mobile Legends hero in this beginner’s guide, including recommended emblems, battle spells, and best builds for the hero.

Enemies hit by Vexana or her Undead Knight will be curse and explode upon death.

Vexana unleashes a Phantom Claw that terrifies the first enemy hero hit. Phantom Power will then erupt at the enemy hero’s location, dealing damage to nearby enemies and terrifying them.

After a short delay, Vexana strikes the target area with a blast of Nether Energy, dealing damage to enemies within.

Vexana summons an Undead Knight at the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit and knocking them airborne. The Undead Knight will then join Vexana in battle for some time.

Flicker or Sprint are recommended for Vexana since she doesn’t have any mobility skills. Flicker is great against a crowd control-heavy team composition while Sprint works best against melee heroes and team compositions with less crowd control.

You can also go for Flameshot if you want to be aggressive in the early game. It doesn’t do much in the late game, however, as the damage from your skills would be enough to burst anyone within your range.

Impure Rage inflicts extra magic damage with each skill equal to 4% of the target’s current HP. It also restores 2% max mana every two seconds, making it perfect for poke heavy heroes such as Vexana.

The damage also scales really well with her damage, turning her into a huge threat once she gets all her magic damage items.

Mystery Shop, also located in the mage emblem tree, is also a good option if you want to finish your core items faster. The 10% reduced cost on items is a game changer, especially if you manage to secure multiple kills in the early game.

Cooldown reduction and magic damage items are your priorities. Clock of Destiny should be your first item as it gives Vexana survivability with a HP boost and mana so that you can spam your skills as much as possible in the laning phase. You can also go for Enchanted Talisman to benefit from its mana regeneration passive.

After that, you can then build magic item damage such as Lightning Truncheon or Holy Crystal if your team is far ahead in the game. If your team is playing from behind, consider buying Ice Queen Wand or Winter Truncheon for survivability.

Finish your item build with Blood Wings or Immortality, depending on the situation. Go for the former if you are the main damage dealer in the team, or the latter if the game goes on for more than 25 minutes.

In the laning phase, keep your opponent’s health bar low by landing a Nether Blast and Deathly Grasp combo. Once you reach level four, start ganking in the side lanes. You want to use Nether Grasp first against enemies with mobility skills before casting Nether Blast.

In team fights, cast Nether Blast first, Eternal Guard, then use Deathly Grasp on escaping enemy heroes. The knockdown of Eternal Guard lasts for 0.8 seconds, and enemies still have a chance to Flicker away. Hence, it’s recommended that you rely on your roamer to initiate during team fights, such as Atlas, Franco, or Tigreal.

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