100T Closer on proving doubters wrong and his leadership role on the team

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Jul 06

After reaching the finals of the LCS Spring Split, 100 Thieves decided to keep their roster without any changes. After three weeks, the team is in the top 2, it’s only losses coming against Cloud9 and EG. Esports.gg’s Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge had an opportunity to talk with 100 Thieves Can “Closer” Çelik after their win over Team Liquid.

Piratechnics: Congratulations on your win today. How does it feel getting a win over a top team after having a few struggles in the beginning of the Summer Split?

100T Closer: To be honest, I said before the game as well, I made a speech for my teammates. I said that I don’t want to be the team that beats the noob teams and now lose to these guys and other top guys. Let’s change that and start our win streak today. Because I believe we are still a top team. In practice we can see that our stage games weren’t the best. 

So I’m happy that we got the win. Also Team Liquid is famous for playing control, playing the micro game, playing slow and giving a perfect game. Winning this match feels extra good because we are the ‘animal team’, we don’t know any micro-aspect. I think we played pretty good, pretty smart. So I’m happy with this win.

Piratechnics: You kind of beat them at their own game. That was honestly ridiculous. 25-minutes no first blood. You had some great objective denial. We saw that Team Liquid went for the slow engage comp. What was your strategy for denying them pretty much everything for most of that game?

100T Closer: I mean they were playing Khalista and ODeer. So basically we were like the Drake’s not going to be a hard early game. And once we started getting items, we will do well. Everything just went as planned. I’m really proud of how we played today.

Piratechnics: And you yourself had a great performance. We’ve seen no shortage of Vulcan highlight plays. But you made it work for disengage and denial especially for that Dragon pick. Can you talk to me how you pulled that off so controlled and so well?

100T Closer: You can’t plan those kinds of things. You just have to adapt and understand your roles. And my role was ‘when they had GP ult and stuff, if I engage, my team can’t follow up that easily.’ So I used it as a disengage there and we had great Drake results, so it was pretty good.

Piratechnics: There was a lot of talk earlier this week. You mentioned feeling like you guys were beating the weaker teams but were having struggles on stage against the top teams. Other players were saying maybe Cloud9 could supplant you in the top three. Vulcan had a lot to say about that. Hans Sama as well. Do you feel with this win, you are firmly establishing yourself as a top 3 squad?

100T Closer: I really enjoyed actually where we were before this win as well. I just like when no one thinks that we are going to win or when no one predicts that we are going to be a top team. It just feels so much better to shout people out like that. And I don’t really care anyways. I just focus on weekly improvements and focus on my teammates. I just enjoy making people wrong about their predictions and I think we do that all the time. 

Piratechnics: I think today showed you guys have a lot of strength in the macro department as well as individually. You mentioned before the game you had a bit of a pep talk with the squad. Is this a role you are taking on more and more, to hype everybody up on your team?

100T Closer: I think because of my role as well, I kind of like the leadership role and telling everyone what to do especially in the early game. And outside of the game we are really good friends. So I just like my teammates and I like winning with them.

Piratechnics: And you’ve been playing with them for a while. Famously, 100Thieves kept the roster together than a lot of LCS squads. Do you think that gives you unique strength here?

100T Closer: I think it gives strength for sure. It’s just easier to know everyone. Sometimes the mistake could be ‘FBI didn’t sleep well this scrim’ or something. I always know coming today what to expect from my teammates. It’s important that we have to be stronger than this if we are keeping the roster for a long time. I want to be stronger than this.

Piratechnics: As of this week, the new Champion Bel’veth is enabled. We’ve seen it in NA LCS Academy, we’ve seen it in LEC. I believe they played it in the TCL as well. AS a jungler, what do you think of this Champion?

100T Closer: I think it’s actually pretty good. I just like this Champion. It just got released as well so it’s probably OP. 

It’s probably strong and I am looking forward to pull it off. Hopefully I get a chance. 

piratechnics  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-05 02:19:00
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