Fnatic Razork’s after winning against G2: “The playoffs run is what matters the most.”

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Jul 06

Fnatic sends G2 further down the standings with an impressive victory over the Spring Split champions. It was the pair’s seventh game of the Summer Split with both pride and positions on the line. However, post-victory Fnatic Razork stressed that the playoff run is what mattered most.

After the clean sweep from G2 in the spring playoffs ended their split, Fnatic needed to get one back against their arch-rivals. The win sees them retain the first place spot alongside Rogue and Excel.

Despite the win, Fnatic knows that they have not won the war yet with more battles to come in the playoffs according to jungler Razork.

“It really doesn’t matter what you end up in [the]standings,” said Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz in post-game interview. “The playoff run is what matters the most.

“Obviously, top four is really good for the winners bracket but we need to not go in to the wrong mindset that we took last split. We finished second and then into playoffs, G2 won in the loser’s bracket and starting beating everybody. We need to make sure we are strong.”

The game between G2 and Fnatic played out as a one-sided game for the most part due to the top-jungle difference shown by Fnatic. Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen didn’t hesitate to teach his former team a lesson having faced his replacement back in spring.

Both Wunder and Razork ended the game with more kills and assists than the entire G2 team combined.

“Last time we played them, we lost in the playoffs,” said Wunder in the post-game interview. “And then I realized that Broken Blade had prepared his Ornn pocket pick and without it, he was kind of lost. So I just took it away from him and we saw that when he went back to the champion that is not Ornn, it was easy for us.”

Moreover, the top laner is confident about his team’s chances of qualifying for the LEC finals. Only the top three teams from the LEC summer playoffs will qualify for the finals in Malmö, Sweden.

With 11 games still left to play in the regular Summer Split, Fnatic must ensure they stick to winning ways and keep the team synergy for playoffs. The LEC returns on July 15th after a one-week break with Excel versus Astralis as the opener.

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