FLY Josedeodo on Phillip: “I think, even though people will say he wasn’t ready, I think he’s ready”

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Jul 06

After a hard-fought battle, FlyQuest were able to take down the undefeated Counter Logic Gaming in week two of the LCS. This was not the easiest game for FLY, CLG slammed the door on every proactive move FlyQuest made. This was until a perfectly orchestrated engage from Josedeodo snatched the game from CLG’s grasp. Following their victory, Josedeodo sat down with’s Piratechnics for an exclusive interview.

Piratechnics: That was a very long very back and forth game. And then you just pulled out this hero play. What were the comms like in the team at that moment? It seemed like it went zero to sixty.

FLY Josedeodo: Well, first, we were having like trouble in team fights and finding spots to fight. But then Aphromoo asked me if you flash on Zeri and you use your ultimate do we kill her? And I’m like, yes, we one-shot her. So five seconds later ‘boom’ we just do it. So that was the comms you know? he was like, we aren’t finding angles but do we fight that one?  Everyone agreed that it was good, they all said yes then boom, that was it.

Piratechnics: Now, I know that you talked in the past about how good the communication is with this roster, particularly you Toucouille; you and Aphromoo – Do you feel like it’s gotten even cleaner? Or are you guys just so well organized that those types of things are second nature to you now?

FLY Josedeodo: Yeah, I think with time everything gets better. And every, every aspect of the game, you get better and I think team comms obviously is one for us. Because first of all, my English is not the cleanest.

So I think whenever there is a mistake in-game on how I say something, or how I phrase something, they are like yeah, you should say this because this is bad English. And then like in-game, you have Phillip who doesn’t talk too much in fights, which leads a lot of space for the carries to talk like Johnson and Toucouille.

Piratechnics: You’re playing with a new top laner in Phillip, how has that transition been to what seems like a quieter player than Kumo?

FLY Josedeodo: I think his lane assignment is really good. I think his laning might not be the best compared to Kumo, because Kumo was a bit better. But I think Phillip in fights is really good. He doesn’t double himself he just goes in, he doesn’t say a word. You know he’s like ‘I’m going’ then boom.

What he sees in game is really good. Something that we were missing as well. I think it’s really good to bring him up. I think, even though people will say he wasn’t ready, I think he’s ready. We played a scrim with Phillip and he was doing really good into a top LPL team.

So, yeah, I just think they can say whatever they want. I think he’s ready and he’s doing really well improving each week.

Piratechnics: One of the big things we’ve seen this split with this new jungle meta has been the Wukong, not a champion that you are particularly known for. But it seems like you’ve taken to it – getting a win now on the stage and having that hero play. How do you feel about the way the jungle has changed from spring to summer?

FLY Josedeodo: Well, I mean, I think Riot always chooses like a random jungler, they have a list, you know, and they’re like ‘maybe this champion does 200 damage to camps from one skill’. So I’m like, sure, you know, like last year was Morgana. Like, they’re like ‘oh, maybe Morgana W is doing 500 damage to camps’, sure you know I’m gonna play it. But it’s not like we have a choice,  Riot just decides a champion is good then boom, it’s on the meta. And that’s what has happened with Wukong.

The champion wasn’t bad in jungle, but now the clear is faster and you can play it. So I just think it’s good that you have a player that can adapt. I think I’m really good at learning champion fast. So for example the other day we played Udyr and we didn’t play him a single time in scrims. 

For me, champions that I don’t know how to play are like, the tanks,  but now I’m better at tanks so I just don’t have any problems with any champions.  Maybe if new champions like at the time Rumble, that is really hard and you need a lot of practise. But I don’t think it’s the case because Riot is not like doing anything for now you know.

Piratechnics: Fair enough, well there are other junglers on the horizon, Bel’Veth should be enabled soon, is this a champion that you have been practicing on? 

FLY Josedeodo: I mean, now that I’m not playing too much solo queue, I will never have a chance to play Bel’Veth. I think the champion is interesting I feel the champion has something that I don’t know is broken you know.

I just feel when you’re playing this champion it’s Viego but stronger than Viego. If you get a reset – the champion is like overpowered, but if you don’t get a reset the champion is useless.

piratechnics  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-01 07:45:00
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