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Jul 07

Not a single thing went according to plan for Alliance this DPC season. They have lost every single game in all the six series they played, which meant they have lost 12 games in a row.

Defeating OG was Alliance’s last chance to potentially maintain their place in Division I through tiebreakers. But having to switch their offlaner, Moiez “symetricaL” Lin, at the very last minute with a stand-in who had yet to see many professional games did not help their case in facing one of the strongest teams of the group.

Alliance stand-in Oleg “Eternal Sadness” Kuzemsky is a Ukrainian offlaner whose most recent pro match prior to his game against OG occurred seven months ago in DPC CIS Tour 1 open qualifier.

OG showed no mercy by picking their classics in game one such as the bzm Ember Spirit and Ammar.The.F. Timbersaw. Evidently, Alliance stood no chance.

Just 10 minutes into the game, OG already had a 3k net worth advantage despite not having a lot of kills on the scoreboard. The Ember Spirit identified his path to success by rushing an Orchid Malevolence to deter Alliance’s ultimate-reliant lineup. With his Orchid online, Ember Spirit was able to prevent the Eternal Sadness Brewmaster from using his Primal Split during crucial team fights.

The first Roshan fight went down at the 20-minute mark. Unfortunately for Alliance, they were completely outmaneuvered by OG’s aggression. Yuragi’s Faceless Void was able to get the Brewmaster and Nikobaby’s Juggernaut with his Chronosphere inside the pit. The Aramis Vengeful Spirit made a valiant attempt to rescue Juggernaut by swapping him out but, alas, OG still succeeded in wiping out four out of five members of Alliance.

In the end, Alliance’s only upside was being able to take down Misha’s Jakiro. However, that alone required so much effort from their part just to eliminate OG’s hard support. Throughout the game, the Jakiro tanked around two Omnislashes from the Juggernaut and two Winter Curses from the CTOMAHEH1 Winter Wyvern.

OG took down Alliance 30 minutes into the game with a final score of 31 to 13.

Alliance looked so much better in the second game. At least at the beginning. They went on the offensive this time and they went hard. W33’s Skywrath Mage, Aramis’ Tiny and Eternal Sadness Visage were constantly moving together, causing so much havoc for OG and securing kills all over the map.

Yuragi had one of the worst starts this season leading with zero kills and four deaths in just 20 minutes because of the Skywrath, Tiny and Visage trio. Not long after, OG lost a major team fight to Alliance and even committing a dieback on the Taiga Marci.

Alliance seemed to have the prime opportunity to bring the series to a game three, but things quickly changed not long after. OG was able to draw out the game and hit their item timings to shift the tides against Alliance. All of a sudden, Alliance was forced to play on OG’s terms.

The situation became more and more difficult for Alliance after every team fight. They ran out of steam and ended up capitulating to OG’s counter offensive.

OG shattered any hopes for Alliance to remain in Division I, but not before Ammar.The.F dropped some mantles by their fountain to add salt onto the wound.

Alliance will not be able to participate in the PGL Arlington Major 2022. This also means they will not have the opportunity to earn any DPC points. They currently sit on 0 DPC points and therefore must compete in the open qualifiers in order to secure a seat at TI11.

Alliance still has one last match this season against Entity on July 9. Be sure to follow the Division 1 and Division 2 DPC schedules on our site.

Devin Soetjipto  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-05 04:20:00
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