CLG Palafox: “I think for a while now, the LCS pool has literally just been about names and not about people that actually play”

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Jul 14

After a strong Week 1 start, CLG has not fared too well in the last couple of weeks. The team now sits in the middle the table with a 4-3 score.’s Piratechnics caught up with Cristian “Palafox” Palafox after their loss to Cloud9.

Piratechnics: It was a tough loss today but it is only CLG’s second loss this Split. Did the level that C9 played surprise you guys?

CLG Palafox: Not so much. I think that if you look at the game we had control. Obviously we made mistakes because we were trying to push the lead. But I was hard winning mid, my bot laner was hard winning bot, my jungle was having a really really good game. 

On top of that we got the first Rift, the first two Dragons. I think we started to make a little bit of blunders around there. I think it was more us losing the game than C9 winning the game, if that makes sense.

Piratechnics: I spoke last Split to your coach, Thinkcard about how it was a building process about getting confidence, getting comfort and getting trust together on stage. Do you feel like despite the loss you guys can bounce back and be ready for Team Liquid tomorrow – how’s that process going to look?

CLG Palafox: I think C9 matches up pretty well against us. And Team Liquid is just a lot easier of an opponent to beat. I would say Bjergsen kind of reminds me of Jensen in a way. I think that laning is just pretty solid. But I can kind of just do whatever I want to in the lane.

I think Core and Hans are a little bit unimpressive in the actual laning phase which is what we excel at. And Santorin is a little bit easier for Contractz to deal with. And Blaber…. Blaber’s a pretty good player. I think we match up better, I think we’ll have an easier time tomorrow.

Piratechnics:  So it seems like you think about a lot of the lane assignments and the matchups, the way that works out. For yourself, I know you mentioned earlier on, you played very very well this Split. You looked incredible on Zoe  this game, you were quite ahead in the lane. We saw some great Taliyah play, some great Sylas play in your win versus Evil Geniuses. How does it feel like to be stacking up quite well against the rest of the LCS midlane pool, some of which have very big names?

CLG Palafox: I think for a while now, the LCS pool has literally just been about names and not about people that actually play. It’s a bit of a team game, it has been like that for a while. Like today, Contractz and my bot lane was playing really well and on top of it I thought I was playing really well so it allowed me to just push my advantage. 

There’s a lot of times when I’ll see (players like) Bjergsen, Jensen have an OK game when their team’s doing really well and people just look at them and say they are playing so well. When it’s just not the case. I think they’ve been like that for a while around the mid pool. 

So it’s nice that we are finally getting into it. Now that we are finally getting the wins, I just look good right. 

Piratechnics: Fair enough!. Speaking of players that look really good on your roster as well, bringing Dhokla into the team, there have been instant results. What has it been like to have him in the team, what does he bring to the team?

CLG Palafox: I think he just brings a lot more options than we had previously. He is a bit louder in what he wants to do in the game, what he actually needs in terms of help. He’s a bit more urgent about it. 

And that’s really really helpful because League of Legends, at least in a competitive setting, is about how many options you have in the game and if nobody is talking then nobody knows what to do. 

Now that we got that it feels really really good.

Piratechnics:  Almost the last piece of the puzzle. With CLG, you’ve expressed confidence despite the loss. Do you feel like CLG is one of these top 3-4 teams? If not, what would it take to get there?

CLG Palafox: I think on a good day, we are definitely one of the best teams in the League and it just depends on consistency. I think that’s pretty much really everything people want to see out of CLG – being able to consistently play at a high level. I think that’s what it’s going to take. Just everybody doing well every single time

Piratechnics: Before I let you go I want to ask you about the CLG fanbase. Historically always faithful even though they have been hungry. Even after the loss today, CLG is doing very very well as a squad. And it seems the fans are responding in kind. Is there anything you’d like to say to them as you continue your match forward in the Summer Split?

CLG Palafox: I think regardless of this weekend’s results, we are going to come back out of the break stronger. So hold on boys.

piratechnics  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-05 03:42:00
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