Riot introduces new Star Guardian event, prompting hilarious G2 Carlos cosplay

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Jul 19

Riot Games has released their heavily anticipated Star Guardian event for the 2022 Season. The event takes fans on a glamorous journey, which includes a large roster of missions, a music video in collaboration with Porter Robinson and more. There’s also a special G2 Carlos cosplay – one that will satiate his thirst for more money (his words!)

The Star Guardian skin line has been a prominent feature in League of Legends since 2015. This skin line is used to provide a positive spin for many League of Legends Champions in alternate timelines.

To celebrate the 2022 Star Guardian event, Riot Games has partnered with many esports organizations to help promote the event. Teams are presented with an affiliate link, this link will allow fans to help support their favorite team by purchasing a Star Guardian skin using their unique link.

To help spread the word about their affiliate link, G2 Esports posted a humorous skit which saw CEO and founder Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago cosplay as Star Guardian Soraka. The video starts out with Carlos talking about his joy for making money, before transitioning into him cosplaying Soraka.

In association with the 2022 event, Riot Games produced a stunning music video with world-renowned DJ Peter Robinson. The song is called “Everything Goes On” and it follows the journey of two League of Legends Champions, Kai’Sa and Akali. The video and anthem were released yesterday and are available across multiple streaming platforms.

Across the ten-week event, Riot will be introducing many Star Guardian skins in League of Legends, Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra. Starting with League of Legends, Riot will release ten Star Guardian skins across two batches. Here are the Star Guardian skins that will be released during this event for League of Legends:

With the 2022 event, Riot has also introduced a Star Guardian pass. This pass bundle will allow players to receive Star Guardian Ekko Prestige Edition, 200 tokens as well as unlock the event missions. This special bundle can be unlocked for 2650 RP. Here is every mission available in the Star Guardian bundle pass:

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Jordan Marney  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-15 11:38:00
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