The 5 Best Carry Players in WEU Tour 3 DPC

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Jul 19

The most important regional so far in Tour 3 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) has concluded. With the Arlington Major and TI11 at stake, players are undoubtedly giving their all and teams brought their A-game to the table. As it usually is in Dota 2, most eyes are set on the Western European (WEU) region due to its competition. But who is carrying this region on their backs? Let’s take a look at the best-performing carry players in Western Europe Division I.

*All data are referred from Spectral Stats.

As quiet as he may look, Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev is a monster inside the game. The 20-year-old player only started his pro career in 2020, where he had stints with smaller organizations. But the lad had his big break with the new generation of OG. The community had some doubts that Yuragi and the rest of the young players can fill in the OG legacy, but they quickly proved their strength. OG performed greatly throughout all 3 seasons, even bagging a Major title. In Tour 3 DPC, Yuragi scored some great stats as a carry.

Among all players in WEU Division I, he holds the fifth highest average kills (7.44). Not only that, but he also doesn’t die as often and places the 3rd in lowest death. The most interesting part is that Yuragi is the most diverse out of all players in WEU Division I. Unlike most players that stick to several heroes, he opts for a wide range of carry heroes. In Tour 3 DPC, he has played 13 different heroes in 16 matches! 

It is hard not to think about the Riki pick in Game 2 vs Liquid when talking about his hero diversity. The hero has never been picked and is out of meta – but Yuragi went for it anyway (even if they ended up paying the price).

skiter has been playing professionally since he was very young. At only 16 years old, he actively played for European tier 2 teams and has immensely improved over the years. In 2020, skiter joined mudgolems and showed promising play in the tier 1 scene, winning 3rd at the ESL One Germany. From then on, the team became Tundra Esports and quickly rose to become one of the strongest teams in the world.

On top of skiter’s back, Tundra Esports accelerated to the top spot in Tour 3 WEU DPC. He might not be a flashy carry player but what makes him excellent is his macroing, bringing an overall brilliant performance. Skiter has really great decision-making and he pulls in and out of fight cleanly. Because of his discipline, he spends less time on the Respawn timer. Among all players in WEU DPC, skiter has the least death average. He also scores high on the last hits chart and even higher for creep denies.

When we talk about skiter, it is impossible to not bring up his signature Chaos Knight. He is absolutely monstrous on the hero, with it being his most popular pick. He is also great on his Razor, which he used to deliver the fastest victory of WEU DPC against OG. 

Dyrachyo is another promising young carry, who found his big break with Team Tickles, now Gaimin Gladiators. The team gels well together and under GG, dyrachyo is able to shine as a carry player. Despite not making it to the Arlington Major, dyrachyo has impressive gameplay throughout this season. 

He is the perfect carry package with consistently great laning skills. He knows how and where to farm on the map, and his movement brings him a boost in GPM and XPM. He is one of the strongest players in that aspect.

Apart from the normal carry assets, dyrachyo flexes a high damage intake and is fearless when it comes to frontlining as a carry. He is even one of the top players that tanked the most damage in Div I WEU. You can also notice from his hero pool that he usually opts for the more tanky heroes such as Bristleback, Dawnbreaker, and Alchemist this season.

He also holds the record for the highest XPM in WEU DPC Division I. In Game 1 vs Secret, Dyrachyo’s Dawnbreaker was active and dominant all over the map, and he broke the record with 1000 XP per Minute. In that match, dyrachyo was unstoppable as he scored 15/1/12, over a total kill score of 33, which means he participated in almost all kills. His XPM was extremely high that he was close to reaching Level 26 at only 29 minutes when the game ended.

We are witnessing the rise of a new prodigy. 18-year-old Russian player, Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko is the youngest carry player on the list but his gameplay overwhelms his lack of experience. He is a beast in pubs, being one of the rare players that scored 12,000 MMR. Despite being caught in a controversy in early 2022 and losing his spot in Outsiders (also known as Virtus.Pro), Pure bounced back with Entity.

Here is Pure’s stat list in Tour 3 DPC.

Pure brings a different kind of brutality to the battlefield with his odd selection of carry heroes. One moment you can find him gunning opponents with a Sniper and one moment he plays a bizarre Outworld Destroyer carry. But his go-to pick this season is Doom, which he had picked 5 times in Tour 3 DPC.

Pure’s name is on top of almost every aspect, scoring highest in average kills and Gold per Minute. But what makes him even more interesting this season is he holds two Rampage records.

In the 3rd game of Entity’s first series vs Team Secret, Pure scored two consecutive Rampages with a carry Leshrac. This marked a record Rampage with the lowest net worth difference between both teams.

In game 2 vs Alliance, Pure’s Doom was unkillable and he had a K/D/A of 17/0/20. With 30.4K net worth ahead, Pure scored a Rampage for himself, making it a record Rampage with the highest net worth difference.

With no hesitation, we crown Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen as the best carry in WEU this season. The 27-year-old TI champion holds a pro career longer than other carries on the list, making him not only powerful but wise. His understanding of the game pushes him up the ladder and his long list of top stats proves so.

MATUMBAMAN excels at almost every aspect but his eyes are set on the objectives. His tower damage skyrockets far ahead of every other player, this is mostly due to his love for Lone Druid. He embodies this hero like no one else, and with this hero being his go-to pick in Tour 3, he was demolishing not only heroes but buildings in every match. While the highest scoring tower pushers averaged around 150 – 240, MATUMBAMAN’S average reaches 340, a full 100 ahead of Tundra’s 33 who sits at 2nd place.

The Finnish player even holds the record for the highest building damage in WEU Div I Tour 3. In Game 2 vs GG, his Lone Druid dealt 34,139 total damage to buildings.

So this rounds up our list of Western Europe’s best carry players this Tour 3 DPC. Do note that we didn’t include players from Division II because their stats are hard to compare to players in Division I as they did not compete in the same league.

Who do you think will come up on top of the carry list in the next events? Stick around to find out!

Sarah Zulkiflee  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-16 01:24:00
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