G2 bench Aleksib after underwhelming Season

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Jul 19

Just 6 months after his addition, G2 has moved their IGL Aleksib to the bench. While the international squad had a stellar start at IEM Katowice, they failed to make playoffs at the other biggest events of the year.

Aleksib announced the decision in a short Twitter statement, stating that G2 has allowed him to explore other options. The announcement comes in the aftermath of the team’s early exit at IEM Cologne. Alongside the Major, Cologne is one of the biggest events of the year. And just like at Antwerp, the team failed to make it into the arena.

Despite a win over ENCE, the team faced losses at the hands of NIP and Movistar Riders. The lineup overhaul was supposed to make G2 the best team in the world, but the results have been consistently worse than their previous lineup. Was nexa really the issue? Or are their deeper issues stemming from the team’s core? G2 are hoping it is still an IGL issue, as they will be replacing Aleksib over the player break.

With experienced IGLs like AZR and Golden on the market, G2 has multiple options for the position. The prime name in many fans’ minds is ALEX, the British IGL who made his name in the 2019 Vitality roster, before having some misfortunes in Cloud9 and Fnatic. With his prior chemistry with XTQZZZ, the player could be the solution to fixing the team if G2 looks to keep XTQZZZ.

The original report from Blix.gg however also suggested that the coach himself could be on the way out. However, the report, which included Aleksib’s departure, has been denied by G2 CEO Carlos. We will have to wait to see the steps that G2 takes to further improve their roster going forward.

Will the IGL change be enough to improve the roster back to Contender Status? Or are their deeper changes that need to be made?

Arnav Shukla  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-16 12:55:00
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