Dota 2 Hero Tier List (July 2022)

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Jul 19

Dota 2 is a constantly changing game (at least when Valve releases a patch). The meta shifts and churns, and Heroes fall in and out of favor almost weekly. That said, there’s still a tier list for Heroes in Dota 2.

Below is our Dota 2 Tier list as of July 2022. This list is based on both picks and bans in the competitive scene and data from all levels of play in pub games. We also go into the reasoning behind the tier list. And why you should or shouldn’t be picking these heroes in your games.

S Tier heroes should be winning every lane in the current Meta. If you want to win games, pick these heroes. Dawnbreaker’s buffs meant she’s a potent mid and support pick. Tiny’s utility is unmatched.

Faceless Void a must pick carry, and even with awful Chronos, you can usually dominate games start to finish with the pick. Mars and Marci are mandatory support picks due to their utility and engage potential. 

A Tier heroes win lanes, have broken abilities at the moment, or otherwise do something so well that it’s very hard to lose on them. Some, like Pangolier, have an ult that just changes games. And then there’s heroes like Specter which are just solid carries no matter what.

B Tier heroes are good in the meta right now, but aren’t good enough to be banned outright. Either they just have strong abilities right now (Zeus) or people aren’t playing good against them (Morphling). A lot of these have strong counter picks in lower tiers, but perform well against the very top A and S tier heroes.

These heroes aren’t bad, but you’re almost always better off picking something else. For example, almost everything Ancient Apparition can do is better done by either a different type of hero, or someone else on the team. Others are solid situationally, but only really excel as counters. This is stuff like Legion Commander. You’ll win some games with these Heroes, but don’t expect to carry entire matches with them.

In D Tier, these heroes have glaring issues right now that make them unable to be played consistently. This doesn’t mean they’re unplayable, but you’ll often run into problems when you pick them. Heroes in this list are sometimes great for beginners or spammers, because you can learn to master a basic hero, with basic abilities, and then move onto something in a higher tier. But if you’re looking to climb and win games consistently, don’t pick these heroes.

You may have noticed we missed a letter in the alphabet there. There is no E tier. We’ve jumped straight to F. Flat out, don’t play these heroes right now. They’re not good. Of course, you are more than welcome to play these heroes in your own games. Some of you might have thousands of games on Dazzle. You could be a Slark god. You’re more than likely not. 

Fundamentally there’s something with each of these heroes that makes them bad in the game right now, whether it’s balance, a lack of game knowledge of the players that use them, or something else.

Michael Hassall  ESPORTS.GG  2022-07-18 12:25:00
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