MLBB x Star Wars event: Release date, events, rewards

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Jul 19

The galaxy’s strongest forces will clash in the Land of Dawn once again in this second MLBB x Star Wars run.

The collaboration is Moonton’s first partnership with a western multimedia franchise, featuring iconic characters from the hit space opera. The first two skins, Darth Vader Argus and Master Yoda Cyclops were released on July 10, 2021. The developers added Alucard Obi-Wan Kenobi in December 2021 and First Order Jet Trooper Kimmy in July this year.

All previous Star Wars skins will be available in this event. Players also have the chance to acquire the ultra-rare Angelic Agent Lesley Legends skin.

The event will run from July 16 to August 15.

Players can use Diamonds or Galactic Tickets to draw prizes from the prize pool. Each draw grants a random prize and a random number of Galactic Credits. Galactic Credits can be exchanged to get the Star Wars skin of your choice.

A single draw costs 100 diamonds. A 10 pull costs 1000 diamonds. Players who pre-register and log in on July 23 will get free Galactic Tickets upon completing in-game tasks.

While it’s possible to get a Star Wars skin in the draw event, it’s extremely rare, with only a 0.01% chance. Here are the full drop rates for the event.

Players need 700 Galactic Credits to exchange for a Star Wars skin. 1000 credits are required to get the Angelic Agent Lesley skin. Galactic Credits can be obtained in the draw event. Players who draw a skin they already own will be transformed into Galactic Credits.

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