Mech Protector

Jul 19

Uranus is one of the tank that usually played as an Explaner. This hero can easily dominate the explane regardless which hero he’s facing. For those who want to have Uranus’s skin : Mech Protector can join the weekly event : Conquests of Dawn that being held for every Friday.
This event of Conquest of Dawn actually for the players to represent their flag. For Malaysian flag, you will play with a team of Malaysian and then will be facing another asia country in the server.

Everyone will need to collect enough Conqueror Medal to claim the Mech Protector skin. There are also another items such as Lucky Ticket and Premium Skin Fragments. If Uranus is one of your favourite hero and still not having this skin, slowly collect the Conqueror Medal to have the Mech Protector skin. Grab yours now.

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