Simply stellar! New Star Guardian keyboard and merch are out of this world 

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Jul 20
Can’t get enough of League of Legends’ Star Guardian skin line? Riot Games’ fresh Star Guardian keyboard, peripherals, and other merchandise will further feed your obsession!

The video game company just dropped their most magical merchandise collection featuring old and new champions and their familiars from the Star Guardian thematic. The skin line is Riot Games’ love letter to the magical girl (mahou shoujo) anime genre, with skins and designs inspired by series like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon.

High school students by day, magical protectors by night, these champions battle cosmic enemies that threaten the universe. The first set of Star Guardian skins was released in 2015, which comprised Lux, Janna, Jinx, Poppy, and Lulu. Now, there are a total of 25 Star Guardians and two villains in this League of Legends skin line.

In partnership with Logitech, Riot Games released a bunch of powder-pink peripherals inspired by the skin line.

Both the keyboard and headset come in a light pink shade with the Star Guardian logo and sparkles printed on their surfaces. Meanwhile, the mouse has three different colors and designs available, inspired by Star Guardians Kai’Sa, Akali, and Ahri.

There’s also a limited bundle that includes both the Star Guardian mouse and headset and a bunch of other goodies priced at US$148.

These peripherals can be purchased on Riot Games’ official Chinese store. The company has not confirmed if these Star Guardian-themed keyboard, mouse, and headset will be getting an international release.

Other Star Guardian PC accessories are available in the main Riot Games shop.

For keyboard enthusiasts, three Star Guardian keycaps are up for grabs that follow the colors and designs of guardians Ekko, Lulu, and Lux.

There’s also an extra-large mousepad featuring Star Guardian event 2022’s Another Sky protagonists Kai’Sa and Akali, drawn in anime style.

Good Smile Company’s fresh Star Guardian Jinx figure will make a great addition to your PC setup. The 1/7 scale figure shows the champion’s blazing Star Guardian form together with her familiars, Shiro and Kuro.

Preorders for this figure are now open until August 25 at 1 p.m. GMT+8 at Good Smile’s online shop.

Another first-gen Star Guardian, Lulu, is getting her own special edition figure in this collection. It displays the yordle and her magical medium, Pix, on a mini stand. The figure comes with a free Summoner icon that you can equip in the League of Legends client.

It’s a familiar fest when it comes to the Star Guardian merch collection’s plushies, starring the blue pig Fuwa from Teamfight Tactics, Neeko’s magical frog Towa, and Kai’Sa’s boba-loving bunny Ina.

Elegant jewelry pieces also grace this Star Guardian merch collection, playing on motifs of stars, wings, and flowers. We’re in love with the Star Guardian Secret Locket, which hides an inspiring message that “hope burns brighter than fear”.

Fans can view the full Star Guardian merch collection at Riot Games Store.

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