They told him he could become anything, so he became Star Guardian Soraka

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Jul 21

Ever wondered what a level 18, full tank build Soraka would look like in real life? The answer lies in G2 Esports ocelote’s Star Guardian Soraka cosplay.

The organization’s CEO recently collaborated with Riot Games to promote the new batch of Star Guardian skins from League of Legends.

Since G2 is all about the memes, the retired Spanish pro player advertised their League of Legends partnership in the most entertaining and funniest way possible.

He cosplayed one of the most popular Star Guardians, Soraka, complete with a long green wig, a golden horn, and a pair of fluffy wings. The character’s tube top greatly highlighted his biceps, which made him look like the kind of Soraka that goes 11/0/8 in Summoner’s Rift… or more likely, ARAM.

The G2 Esports founder wore the costume to promote their Star Guardian collab with Riot Games.

“Just look at the lengths which I go to generate some cash,” he said while wearing the costume.

G2 staff, including brand manager Pilaf and social content producer Austin “Jujubez” Redfern, took a page out of ocelote’s book and attended Week 4 of the LEC Summer 2022 group stage dressed in full Star Guardian Soraka cosplay costumes.

They also held placards of QR codes, encouraging the audience to buy the skins.

This skin line is inspired by the mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime genre, with designs and themes influenced by shows like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. The first group of Star Guardians debuted in 2015, comprising Lux, Lulu, Poppy, Jinx, and Soraka. The latest batch adds Ekko, Nilah, Sona, Akali, Quinn, Rell, and Taliyah.

Show your support for G2 Esports by purchasing any of the featured Star Guardian skins in G2 Esports’ Riot Games shop.

Kristine Tuting  ONEESPORTS  2022-07-20 10:00:00
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