The 3 best heroes to counter Irithel in Mobile Legends

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Jun 16

Thanks to the buffs she received in patch 1.6.84, Irithel, the Jungle Heart, is now back in the meta and is currently one of the most used marksman heroes in the game.

Moonton removed her mana bar, meaning she can now spam her skills. Her basic attacks and ultimate have also been reworked, making her one of the strongest marksmen from the mid to late game.

She is so powerful in the current meta that when it comes to heroes with the highest win percentage, she is ranked sixth according to MLBB stats.

If you’re trying to find a way to deal with her in-game, here are three heroes who can counter Irithel in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

If you’re trying to find a way to deal with her in-game, here are three heroes who can counter Irithel in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

What makes Brody unique is that players can build him defensively yet still deal a ton of damage in the laning phase, for his passive allows him to deal more basic attack damage at the cost of having a slower attack animation and attack speed.

His ultimate, Torn-Apart Memory, is almost an instant kill at four stacks, and Irithel doesn’t have an answer to that. Brody gains stacks with basic attacks or landing skills. A fully stacked Torn-Apart Memory is enough to shut down Irithel, regardless of her level and how many core items she already has.

You can even opt to build Warrior Boots and Blade Armor first. They give Brody enough physical defense to the point where Irithel’s basic attack doesn’t deal much damage. Plus, Blade Armor’s unique passive reflects some of the damage she inflicts, making it easier for you to take her down.

Clint is every short-range marksmen’s weakness. His first skill, Quick Draw, hits like a truck even at level one. A great Clint player will freeze the lane and force Irithel to recall to base as much as possible.

At level three, unleashing the Trapping Recoil-basic attack-Quick Draw-basic attack combo is enough to get a kill.

True to his cowboy appearance, all of Clint’s skills are quick and extremely difficult to predict. The only way to stop Clint as Irithel is to wait for the midlaner or jungler to gank. Otherwise, Irithel’s best course of action is to hug tower and hope for the best.

The matchup will even more in Clint’s favor if you build Blade of Despair as your first item. Wind of Nature is also a great item if you find yourself on the backfoot. Clint is an easy marksman hero to pull off, and players won’t regret picking him against Irithel.

Lesley is a fun hero to play, and her skill set, simple. An assassin marksman, Lesley’s kit allows her to deal damage from afar without enemy players knowing you were there in the first place, thanks to her first skill, Master of Camouflage, which turns her invisible.

Lesley has one of the longest basic attack ranges in the game. Every time the Jungle Heart tries to get close, Lesley can walk away with Master of Camouflage and hit back once she is in a safer position.

If you’re going to use Lesley, building Wind of Nature right after your chosen core item is a must, especially if Irithel manages to get close while her ultimate is up. If you are up against her and would like to build confidence in the marksman role, Lesley is your best bet.

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