Introduction about myself in MLBB 👋

Naruto Namikaze
Jul 21

Yeah, I would like make a simple introduction to you today.

I am mostly playing roamers because I seem like rushing to the front of enemies smartly and help teammates and fight enemy together😊😊😊.

Hope the players can give me like and love on my album and profile pictures😘❤️❤️❤️.

These is the lists that I recently play in five fields(Not very pro😄✌️) :

1) Roamers such as Johnson and Minotaur.
2) Exp Laners such as Gloo, Hylos and X Borg.
3) Mages such as Cyclops, Nana, Vexana Valir
4) Markmans such as Wanwan, Layla and Moskov
5) Assassin such as Saber (Not a very talented assassin so have only 1 choice 😅😅😅😅👌)

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