Rogue Trymbi: “I don’t really care that we’re on a win streak anyway. The most important [thing] is just to be the best version during the playoffs”

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Jul 22

Rogue finished Week 4 of the LEC with two wins which saw them finish top of the standings for the first half of the split. spoke to Rogue’s Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus after their win against Team BDS.

Q: Hello, Trymbi thanks for joining on this interview today. How did your one-week LEC break go?

Rogue Trymbi: It was pretty okay. I didn’t really get to go to Poland back and chill with family or do something because I didn’t really feel like it; [and] then I thought it’s maybe not that long of a break. But I got to go [an] amusement park, everybody did.

I really don’t like heights, I have to be honest. But I got group pressured by other people from Rogue to go to all of those. So yeah, it was for sure a fun experience. Other times as well, I just try to make sure that I have the best habits possible for the upcoming week, which is now this one, right and next month.

Q: Yeah that’s good to know. So we’ve come to the end of the first half of the split. How do you view your overall team performance?

Rogue Trymbi: I think we’re doing better and better honestly. I mean I think we’ve played overall pretty well. It’s just some mistakes that tend to happen in scrims as well, they just happened in official. And that’s just something to work on. Outside of those mistakes. I think we’re pretty good to go.

I think we managed to like, get a good picture of what we want to do in-game as well as we know what we want to play. So that’s for sure something good that we can use for the next weeks as well. Yeah, I think it’s just I think that we’re improving more and more with every single week. And I hope that we can do it well for the second part of the split.

Q: Yeah, so speaking of little mistakes, you and comp made a few ones early on against BDS, was that worrying at that moment because your Lucian-Nami pick needed to get ahead?

Rogue Trymbi: For sure the lane didn’t go after we did a very bad mistake that made us have to flash. Both me and me and comp, it was for sure rougher for both us and the team. I think I think that they could have punished us more if they wanted. Yeah, I mean, normally like before this level three incident we are really good in the game. And like from the support perspective, I knew the game will be easy, but after what we did was like it was pretty hard. So yeah, this mistake for sure shouldn’t have happened and I think I was not really too worried.

Obviously, we’re not in as we are not in a state with Lucian-Nami where we wanted it to be right but on the other hand, I think we got quite a nice advantage before that incident that I think it just evens out. I was not happy with it, but I didn’t really think of it as if we’re gonna be useless. I always feel very useful on champs like Nami if I have good teammates and picks with it so as you could see after the incident I managed to be able to move to mid and I even got a kill early on. So I think we played well around our mistakes I think we managed to come back from the bad situation

Q: You had a bit of a rough start to the split, looking back now what was the team’s takeaway from those losses.

Rogue Trymbi: I mean for sure no one felt good about them. That should not have happened [but] I think it’s good that happened because it just made us realize that if we want to be the team that we either were in spring or get even way better than that then we have to work hard for that. Yeah, we try to think through it, we had a conversation some kind of a talk after those two games and it for sure helped out. I guess I guess due to this we also got into this win streak now.

I mean, not maybe only because of that but yeah, I think after that week we just became aware of what we need to work on. Obviously, we could have not lost those two but it happens. I don’t really care and I don’t really care that we’re on a win streak anyway. The most important [thing] is just to be the best, the best version of the team during the playoffs and even try to get better during the playoffs time if possible. And I think that’s our mentality right now.

Q: Speaking of streaks you are now top of the standings and Rogue has maintained this top two consistency in several splits. Does this add any pressure going into the second half of this split?

Rogue Trymbi: I think it doesn’t matter. People make narratives around it but I’ve never really thought that there will be a positive narrative around it obviously. It tends to be sad right that we’re the best in regular. But I feel like this narrative is thrown around in order to kind of make us just in a bad light where people say that even though we get the first place we didn’t really make use of it and make sure that we’re gonna be good in playoffs and stuff like this. And yeah, it’s gonna happen probably again this split if we managed to go first place.

So for now I don’t really care, I don’t think there’s any pressure on it. I think that if we’re gonna get first again, I don’t think many people will care. And if we on and got first place, then probably people will start shit-talking us. It’s not really big of a matter. I mean, I would obviously like to get first place but it’s really not a big thing. The most important thing is just to win games and play them cleanly. That’s kind of our goal and to get better from them.

Q: What are your thoughts on the current support meta with more enchanter picks?

Rogue Trymbi: For me always like enchanter supports have been like kind of a thing that you had to deal with. I think that they always had their place in the draft. And that you could always pick them up if you wanted. Now, after the durability patch some time ago, it made even more clear that you should try to pick them up. Some people try to pick enchanters up some don’t. I’m not saying that I’m gonna play only enchanters I mean if I could maybe, why not. But it’s not something necessary to win out the games. I think it’s fine it’s nice to pick them.

Q: You had to play remotely today. How much did you miss the early stage?

Rogue Trymbi: Oh, quite a lot. Actually. I mean, I think it’s pretty sad that we didn’t go to the stage. There’s like no interview, where you can sit and talk to the person just face to face, as well as not having the fan meeting [and]not being able to see other players talk to other people that you normally see. It’s pretty sad for me, at least.

I think I’m this kind of guy that already got used to the people that are working for LEC or like just are out there. And I’m very happy every time I get there. But it happens, and there’s not much we can do about it. And yeah, I just had to adapt.

Q: So, we’ve come to the end of this interview, anything you’d like to say to the Rogue fans.

Rogue Trymbi: I appreciate all the fans out there, I really do appreciate the things that they are writing on Twitter. I think yesterday, I got two gifts from a Rogue fan, I suppose and I’m very happy about them. Yeah, I mean, it’s very nice to see people enjoying watching us even though sometimes we do not play the way at least I would like us to play. But I’m really thankful that there are people out there who support us; they’re there regardless of what’s happening with the team.

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