🎉 Announcing the Winners of 1Play Week 1 PUBGM Fun Match 🔥

Aug 03 · 1Play Official

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our fun match and helped make it a success❣️

We hope you enjoyed it and remember, stay sharp! This is just the beginning! The next fun matches are coming very soon, so start getting ready now….


Day 1 - Solo Category
🥇 Grand Winner: @Sofa Peach​ 600UC
🥈 Runner Up Winner: @CoklatManis​ 300UC

Day 2 - Duo Category
🥇 Grand Winner (Leader): @Eddy 02​ 1,200UC per team
🥈 Runner Up Winner (Leader): @Roti canai3324​ 600UC per team

Congratulation to all the winners, you’re amazing! Please PM us your PUBGM ID and in-game name, UC will be credited within 1 week. 😼

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