Conquer the galaxy with Light Envoy Esmeralda, her new collector skin

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Jun 16

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s most popular female tank hero Esmeralda is finally getting a collector skin.

After Ruddy Dusk, Poison Vine, Lady Thief, Cleopatra, Blazing Shadow, and The Foreseer comes the seventh skin in her collection, Light Envoy Esmeralda.

Previous skin concepts turned her into Poison Ivy, and took her to ancient Egypt and the Wild Wild West. This collector skin is special because it goes back to her roots as an Astrologer, wielding the raw power of the moon and stars.

Guided by the power of light, Esmeralda looks elegantly sexy in this body-hugging armored dress. Colored in royal gold, ivory, and deep indigo, it is paired with shiny granola boots that give off serious Wonder Woman vibes.

As queen of the cosmos, a pointed crown with a single shining crystal sits on her head on top of her long, mauve-colored tresses.

All the skill effects in this collector skin are defined by the two long tassels Esmeralda controls on the battlefield, named Stardust and Frostmoon. When you cast her basic attack, a glowing turquoise, crescent-shaped animation appears.

When her second skill, Stardust Dance, is used, she waves both tassels energetically at enemy targets, creating two larger crescents in turquoise and marigold colors that move in opposite directions.

What a slash!

Casting her ultimate, Falling Starmoon, sends Esmeralda into a superhero pose as she charges up this skill. Raising her right arm, she conjures the full power of the twilight moon while Stardust accumulates around her left fist.

She then throws out a bright orange light from Stardust, and jumps onto the target location with Frostmoon, creating a celestial AoE effect.

Watch the full Light Envoy Esmeralda collector skin trailer here.

Watch the full Light Envoy Esmeralda collector skin trailer here.

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Amanda "Tania Mae" Tan  ONEESPORTS  2022-06-02 16:30:00
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