The 3 best heroes to counter Natalia in Mobile Legends

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Jul 28

One of the strongest early game heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is assassin, Natalia, the Bright Claw. She’s one of five heroes who can turn invisible, with a kit that’s specifically designed for bursting down squishy heroes with little to no mobility.

She’s difficult to pin down, and only a handful of heroes can survive her full combo once she gets her ultimate, The Hunt. It lets her enter stealth mode while empowering her next basic attack for three seconds.

There’s a reason why Natalia is considered the best pub stomper in the Land of Dawn, but like all assassin heroes, she’s pretty easy to kill once she exhausts all her skills. Here are three heroes who expose her weaknesses and invisibility in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Hylos’ kit is a nightmare for Natalia to deal with. The tank hero has a single-target stun that can disrupt the Bright Claw’s combo. His second skill, Ring of Punishment, allows him to stick close and stop her from triggering her invisibility passive, Assassin Instinct.

If she uses The Hunt, Hylos can easily close the gap with his ultimate, Glorious Pathway, which speeds up the movement speed of all allies in a large pathway while slowing down all the enemies inside.

He should stick with his squishiest ally to avoid Natalia from snowballing in the early game. Go for Antique Cuirass if your team is ahead or Blade Armor if she already has a few kills within the first five minutes of the game.

Picking support heroes is always a bad idea if there’s an enemy Natalia, unless that support is Rafaela. What makes Rafaela viable against the assassin hero is her Light of Retribution skill, which exposes Natalia’s exact location. The exclamation mark pops up on top of her character model, an indicator that the assassin is nearby.

That skill alone stops her from turning invisible and blinking. If Natalia decides to focus on you instead, you can use Holy Baptism to stun her and get away safely.

That said, Rafaela needs to stick close to her jungler or marksman as her skills don’t deal as much damage. Build Winter Truncheon immediately once Natalia completes her core items. Going for Sprint is also recommended as Natalia can easily blink behind Rafaela twice with The Hunt.

If you are tasked with manning the gold lane and Natalia is on the opposite team, Popol and Kupa is your best bet. Popol’s traps are great for spotting the nimble assassin hero when she decides to gank your lane.

Even if she evades all of your traps, you can use Help! to knock the Bright Claw airborne if she gets close. Fight back with Bite em’, Kupa! to stop her from escaping. This is almost always a sure kill if you already have one of your offensive items such as Blade of Despair or Berserker’s Fury.

Rinse and repeat this tactic until the late game. In team fights, place traps around you so that all enemies, including Natalia, will have a difficult time jumping into the backline. If you find that the game is still tough, buy Wind of Nature or Immortality in the late game.

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