The 3 best heroes to counter Julian in Mobile Legends

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Jun 16

Julian, the newest mage fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is kind of overpowered in the current meta. According to the latest MLBB statistics, the Scarlet Raven is the second most-banned hero in Mythical Glory matches.

He can be played in a wide variety of ways thanks to his versatile kit. He has burst damage with Enhanced Scythe, a reliable escape with Enhanced Sword, and insane team fight potential with Enhanced Chain, making him a formidable hero worth mastering.

But as with many overpowered heroes, there are still a few select heroes who can overcome him. Here are three heroes who are great picks against Julian in your ranked games.

Heroes who are nimble and have numerous dash skills will thrive against Julian, and one hero that fits that description is Benedetta.

Benedetta has a unique auto-attack mechanic. Instead of attacking in one place, she dashes every time she attacks. What makes her stand out against Julian is her ability to easily dodge most of his skill-based attacks just by pressing the basic attack button.

Her second skill, An Eye for an Eye, also negates all of the Scarlet Raven’s damage and crowd control skills. A proficient Benedetta player will turn Julian’s laning phase into a living nightmare.

There’s a reason why Chou is considered a hero who will never fall out of the meta. Much like Benedetta, Chou possesses many dash skills, in addition to a reliable gap closer with Jeet Kune Do. His second skill also renders him immune to any crowd control skills, including Julian’s Chain.

Chou also has respectable damage output once he hits level four. Since Julian has mediocre defensive stats in the early game, one combo of Jeet Kune Do and the Way of Dragon is all you need to kill the Scarlet Raven. The only downside to playing Chou is that he is difficult to master, and one wrong skill can easily spell disaster in a 1v1 fight.

If you’re feeling extra aggressive, pick Gusion. Aside from having one of the strongest burst capabilities, Gusion also has powerful mobility, which can be beneficial against the Scarlet Raven because he heavily relies on hitting his skills to make a play.

Once Gusion lands his Sword Spike, he can wait for Julian to cast all of his skills before quickly maneuvering behind him for the quick kill. However, it’s important that you do not get hit by Enchanted Chain, because one complete combo is enough to eliminate you in battle.

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Jules Elona  ONEESPORTS  2022-05-31 18:30:00
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