Project L: 5 League of Legends champions we want as fighters

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Aug 03

Riot Games is stepping into the world of fighting games with Project L, an assist-based 2.5D fighter that features champions from League of Legends.

While Project L is still in development, Riot has already teased its first champs in the title, namely Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Jinx, and Katarina.

With the MOBA having over 140 characters on the Summoner’s Rift, here are five more League of Legends champions that could be part of Project L’s fighter roster.

A street-smart officer that beats up hooligans with hextech gauntlets, Vi has the potential to be a Project L fighter.

The Piltover Enforcer is one of the main characters of the Arcane Netflix series, which gave fans a deeper look into her relationship with her estranged sister, Jinx. With Jinx already part of the roster, Vi could be the punch-heavy antithesis to her sister’s gunplay.

Looking at her original moves, the League of Legends character’s skill, Denting Blows, could add damage to the usual juggles. Her ultimate, Cease and Desist, can translate into a super move for the fighting game.

With Darius and Katarina already making appearances, Riot Games could establish a Noxian triple threat with champion Draven.

Known for his charisma and chaos in the arena, Draven can conquer the meta as a ranged fighter, slicing through opponents with throwing axes.

In terms of gameplay, Draven’s Spinning Axe skill, once caught, could extend his combo for a flashy execution and bragging rights.

A martial arts champion with a boxing and Muay Thai skin, Lee Sin is ready to solve fights with a knockout.

As a solo fighter, Lee Sin has his own kind of fireball with Sonic Wave, but unlike the standard one-way projectile, we imagine he’ll have the option to close in on marked opponents with a Resonating Strike.

The Blind Monk could also join forces with Ahri to create the go-to Ionian tag team. Pairing her ranged orbs with his melee mastery, players can expect nasty combos from the duo.

Size always matters in fighting games, but what happens if you’re a mad scientist with a knack for inventions?

Heimerdinger can slot in as Project L’s first yordle representative. While he’s small in stature, you can bet that this champion will be able to dodge pesky projectiles with a simple crouch.

Carrying the most advanced machinery of Piltover, Heimerdinger could have a combo mechanic that builds specific turrets throughout a match. Upon completing a turret, he can launch a flurry of hextech micro-rockets towards his enemy.

The roster needs a beefcake with a fashionable haircut? League of Legends has got you covered.

Sett knuckles down on the competition as League’s most badass brawler. Immersed in Ionia’s criminal underworld, the Vastayan-human champion climbed the ranks by fighting, and found his place as the boss of the whole operation.

Armed with nothing but his own fists, Sett has the potential to be a beginner character in Project L. Skills like Haymaker and Facebreaker can work as standard poking moves, while Sett’s ultimate, The Show Stopper, could act as a stylish finisher in a clutch round.

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