*Exclusive* The Art of Tokusatsu

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Tokusatsu (特撮) actually means Special effect is a Japanese term for a show with heavy use of special effects. It is commonly tied to science fiction,horror and fantasy show but it is now popularized by the sub genre of the tokusatsu such as Ultraman series, Kamen Rider series,Super Sentai (Power Ranger) series and Godzilla series.

The first ever massively known tokutsatsu movie was Gojira 1954, While the movie was more about the story than the special effect. The special effect that was put together by Eiji Tsuburaya was one of the best in the era,the most obvious one that viewer can see is the atomic breath of Godzilla.This was also the movie that popularize Tokusatsu outside Japan....

After Eiji Tsuburaya leaves TOHO to make his own studio, he utilize tons of his special effects technique in his shows making the most iconic hero that ever hailed from Japan as one of the if not the most popular Tokusatsu in the world, Ultraman. The original ultraman was the first coloured tokusatsu show in Japan and show many kinds of special effect technique. This trend would get a lot of follow ups and give born to tons of different other Tokusatsu. And it was around this time Eiji Tsuburaya would be called the King of Special Effects.

Well there's the end of small description about Tokusatsu, my favourite Tokusatsu is Ultraman, how about yours 1Players?

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