First day Hyper Blend debut - My three Hyper Blend Matches

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 10

A heroes can have an extra skill from other heroes, oh my goshh... 4 skills!!? Why not join😋

So there is my results from three matches:

1st match- Layla (with Zilong ulti - Supreme Warrior)
Ermm... I think useless la haha, nothing can help because I think mobility(Blink skill) is important than explosive damage(Boost skill)

(Not recommend 😒😒😒)

2nd match- Eudora ( with Haya second skill - Ninjutsu:Quad Shadow)
Not bad adding a blinking skill, make eudora can choose four direction to escape/attack surprisely to enemy hero

😎😎😎 (👌Recommend👌)

3rd match- Nana ( with Bane ulti - Deadly Catch)
I would said this is quite comfortable combination as Nana can quadra combo kill enemy with control correct timing of releasing skill(Nana's ulti for stunning quite far enemy and Bane ulti for slowing the enemy who almost reach Nana🤭)


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