PSG.LGD kicks BOOM Esports to the Lower Bracket of the Arlington Major

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Aug 11

The winners of Group A, PSG.LGD came into this best of three (B03) as the clear favorites, and they did not show any mercy. LGD looked unstoppable coming from the Group Stage, with a score of 15-1 in Group A. But their offlaner Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida is keeping it calm and collected ahead of the match.

Meanwhile, BOOM Esports came from Group B in fourth place. They had a score of 7-7, barely reaching the Upper Bracket of the Arlington major. For Saieful “Fbz” Ilham this match up is gonna be a learning experience, and a way to improve for BOOM.

Both teams clashed today to mark the beginning of the Arlington Major Playoffs. Here is what happened in the series.

The game starts in classic LGD fashion. They gather a small lead in the laning stage which elevates them to a position of power. From this position, LGD plays the map more efficiently and cleanly, creating a smaller and smaller playing field for BOOM. All of this culminates in a teamfight at the 20th minute with LGD killing four of BOOM’s heroes, while losing none of their own. From this LGD creates a gold lead that kept on increasing until the end of the match – with BOOM showing very few signs of hope. BOOM tried to start several teamfights versus LGD but all of them ended in LGD’s favor. After losing the Aegis of the Immortal and the following teamfight, BOOM called “good game” at the 34th minute.

Game two started similarly to game one. LGD gets favorable lanes and accumulates a quick gold lead. Even though Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer does some good rotations, BOOM has lost all but one lane – and that lane was a draw between LGD’s safe lane and BOOM’s offlane. BOOM quickly lose a lot of map control to the five-man from LGD. And you can already sense after 14 minutes, the writing is on the wall for BOOM.

LGD is once again, demonstrating why they looked unstoppable in the Group Stage. Their map movement is so clean and efficient that no team can match it for an entire game. BOOM did show small signs of hope when LGD took their foot off the pedal, but LGD quickly got the game back in a choke hold again, after winning a team fight that got an Aegis of the Immortal in the hands of Wang “Ame” Chunyu.

Even though the second game lasted longer, it never felt as if BOOM were remotely close to winning. And as BOOM calls good game at minute 39, it signals the end of BOOM’s upper bracket run. PSG.LGD is moving on to face the winner of OG versus Entity!

LGD is looking like the strongest team at the Arlington major. But even Gods can bleed, as Soniqs showed us in the group stage when they tied versus LGD. But can anyone go the extra distance and knock LGD down? We can only wait and see! Follow all of the action of the Arlington major with us here at!

Vegard Krogdahl  ESPORTS.GG  2022-08-09 02:09:00
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