What OhMyV33nus really thinks about the reworked Blacklist International Estes skin

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Aug 11

When Moonton announced that Estes would be the hero to receive the M3 World Championship skin, Blacklist International fans were excited.

After all, Estes was the centerpiece of the team’s signature UBE strategy and a key reason for the team’s success in the league.

However, fans had reservations when the initial design of the Blacklist International Estes skin was released. Even Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna, the other half of the V33Wise duo who popularized the hero, said that the design could be better.

Moonton then consulted with the management and players of Blacklist International, even going as far as meeting with Tier One CEO Tryke Gutierrez, to improve the skin based on community feedback.

After all that deliberation, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has finally revealed the final version of the Blacklist International Estes.

The final version of the skin was revealed to fans in attendance at Blacklist Protocol, the pre-season live event on Saturday, August 6.

Similar to previous M-series skins, Blacklist International Estes features the support hero clad in black and white robes with the word BLCK at the bottom left.

A massive Blacklist logo is also placed in front of the outfit, making it look as if Estes is donning one of the team’s esports jerseys. Estes also retains his signature white hair and eyes.

When the skin was shown on the big screen, OhMyV33nus went up on stage to give his thoughts about the reworked M3 World Championship skin.

“I’m so happy because I never thought that we would reach this point and the whole team even chose my signature hero,” he said.

For the queen, the skin perfectly encapsulated the Blacklist International brand.

“For me, this is really the best skin so far,” he declared. “And I’m not even biased.”

Blacklist International Estes is the third M-series championship skin. The first was EVOS Legends Harith from the M1 World Championship, and the second, Bren Esports Lancelot from the M2 World Championship.

The skin was eventually revealed to the public yesterday on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube page.

The logo of Blacklist International appears on top of his floating scroll every time he casts a skill. A bright white light links him to his allies with Moonlight Immersion.

When Estes uses the Domain of the Moon Goddess, a giant logo of Blacklist appears in the middle of a circle. The numbers 2021, 12, and 19 also appear on top of the circle, paying homage to the date when the team won the M3 World Championship.

Lastly, multiple white beams tethering him to allies will pop up when he uses his ultimate, Blessing of the Moon Goddess.

The skin will be available for purchase in the in-game store on August 18 for 899 diamonds. However, fans can preorder the skin from August 11 to August 17 for a discounted price of 499 diamonds.

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