Team Spirit Return to TI by securing a 2-1 Victory over Outsiders in a CIS Slugfest

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Aug 11

In a crazy series in the upper bracket series of the Arlington Major, Team Spirit faced off against their CIS rivals, Outsiders. The 3 game series went back and fourth and in the end, Team Spirit came out on top. And with their victory, Team Spirit returns to TI and are aiming to reclaim their title. But not without a challenge, as Outsiders gave Team Spirit a good run for their money throughout the series.

Game 2 blessed us with a 60 minute game between the two teams. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the tier 5 item shine, but the game was an absolute pleasure to watch. Similar to throughout the whole series between team Spirit and Outsiders, the game went back and fourth. In the end, Outsider’s Batrider, Dark Seer and Nature’s prophet lineup could not stand up against team Spirit’s Phantom Lancer, Pang and Razor lineup.

Throughout the series, team Spirit’s offlaner and hard support were the cornerstone of their victory. In games 1 and 2, Miposhka played one of the best Dazzle’s we’ve seen at the tournament. With countless shallow grave saves that turned the tides of the fight time after time. On the other hand, Collapse was consistently dominating with his Razor and Viper throughout the series. Completely dominating Ramzes’ Terrorblade, Nature’s Prophet and Dawnbreaker throughout the laning stages of all 3 games.

Its no surprise that Outsiders were the underdogs coming into the Arlington Major. But the squad of Ramzes, GPK, DM, Yamich and Xakoda really impressed the Dota 2 community with their performance. Although they’ve been knocked down to the lower bracket, Outsiders have been giving some of the best Dota 2 teams a run for their money. Going 2-0 in the group stage against fan favorite OG, SEA pride Talon and one of NA’s few remaining hopes Soniqs. So with TI right around the corner, keep your eyes on Outsiders.

For the full stats of the series, you can check the dotabuff here. Will Team Spirit continue to show a dominant form for the rest of the Arlignton major? Guess you’ll have to stick around on and find out!

Noah Pather  ESPORTS.GG  2022-08-10 01:51:00
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