You have every reason to play support Singed now in LoL patch 12.15

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Aug 11

Gen.G’s Son “Lehends” Si-woo has played support Singed a total of three times in Season 12 in the LCK — and won every single game so far.

The only madman to use him in the support role at a competitive level, Lehends has made his mark on this champion in the bot lane. In solo queue, top lane Singed is still a staple, but players have been struggling on him at Platinum ranked and above, resulting in a low 48.73% win rate on patch 12.14, according to U.GG.

This has prompted Riot Games to buff Singed’s passive in LoL patch 12.14 so that “it feels better in team fights,” giving him more opportunity to run around and flip enemies, the game developers explained in their patch notes.

Passive – Noxious Slipstream

R – Insanity Potion

Singed’s passive grants him bonus movement speed for two seconds whenever he’s near a champion. In this patch, he’ll gain 5% more bonus movement speed, with a decreased per-targeted cooldown.

Not only can you expect him to be faster, but he’ll also have more leeway to disrupt enemy lines the longer the team fight, which is to be expected anyway since dragons were adjusted in patch 12.14.

More significantly, the raw bonus stat increases to his ultimate buffs both support and top lane Singed. His AP, armor, magic resist, bonus movement speed, bonus health regeneration, and bonus mana regeneration are all up by 10 at level six.

For supports that live on low resources, this would be a big boost for master Lehends and incentive for ranked players to try their hand at an unconventional support pick.

Read the full LoL patch 12.15 notes here.

Amanda "Tania Mae" Tan  ONEESPORTS  2022-08-10 16:30:00
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