BOOM Esports becomes first Southeast Asian team to qualify for TI11

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Aug 11

There is finally going to be some Southeast Asian representation for the first The International in Southeast Asia.

BOOM Esports became the first team from the region to lock in a direct TI11 berth, after defeating Team Liquid in a tough series at the PGL Arlington Major.

Both teams went into their lower bracket match knowing that their TI qualification was on the line, resulting in a cagey third game where BOOM did well to break the deadlock.

BOOM is now guaranteed top eight at the Arlington Major, earning at least US$12,500 and 360 DPC points. They will next face upstart Western European team Entity, who cannot mathematically qualify for TI11 through this tournament — but will still be looking for valuable experience.

Another team from the region, Fnatic, is also on the cusp of directly qualifying to TI11.

Fnatic currently sits at 13th, just 32.5 DPC points behind Evil Geniuses, who have already been eliminated from the Arlington Major, and 0.05 points behind Outsiders.

This means that the SEA team only needs to win their series against South American squad beastcoast, which will earn them enough points to leapfrog those two teams.

If they lose, however, EG will qualify, and the SEA region will have just one confirmed team for Singapore. Fnatic will then need to go through the bloodbath that is the SEA Regional Qualifiers, with teams like T1, Talon Esports, and RSG waiting in the wings.

Dexter Tan Guan Hao  ONEESPORTS  2022-08-11 19:32:00
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