Estes Blacklist and its champion item pack event👑🖤

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 11

Estes Blacklist is finally reach in mlbb battlefield!!! (But in presale form, now only available from buying his trial epic card😅)

From game notification
Today till 17 August 2022 - Presale event✨✨
( You will be able deduct diamonds through:)

1) Own Estes hero
2) Play Estes Blacklist skin in Classic/ Ranked or Brawl mode
3) Preorder Estes Blacklist skin(trial card) in the period for 3 days(20 diamonds) or 7 days(40 diamonds)
4) Request from 5 friends to help you in deducting diamonds mission

The most lowest price for Estes Blacklist would costs 499 diamonds.... 😁
18 August to 24 August 2022 - Estes Blacklist skin and Champion Pack Item officially released in 30 percents discount✨✨✨

(As mentioned, you can be bought Estes Blacklist, Champion Item Pack( Emote, Recall Effect, Elimination Effect and Spawn Effect)
25 August to 16 September 2022 - Last recall for discount of Champion Item Pack ✨✨✨

(Just the Estes Blacklist Skin will be not sold in shop😕😕😕)

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