Recommend or Non-recommend (Lucky Box) Martis Limited Epic🤨

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 12

As Martis epic skin, God of War which is limited event skin that just revamped finish not long ago by MLBB official, is coming back with the Lucky Box event.

This event is started with selecting 4 rewards that are eliminated from the rewards that u will draw later.

After selection of excluding options are choosing, it will start the lucky boz selection

There are total 10 rewards (just seems you lucky or not for drawing God Of War whether in 9 draws, 1st draw is free👏)

The lists of total spending rewards for the number times of drawing lucky box rewards...
1st: 0 diamond (FREE)
2nd: 90 diamonds (Used 90)
3rd: 220 diamonds (Used 130)
4th: 400 diamonds (Used 180)
5th: 650 diamonds (Used 250)
6th: 1000 diamonds (Used 350)
7th: 1490 diamonds (Used 490)
8th: 2180 diamonds (Used 690)
9th: 3080 diamonds (Used 900)
10th: 4250 diamonds (Used 1170)

(The yellow auroras✨ will consumed first before spending with diamonds💎) 😄😄😄

So here my question, it is worth to draw this godly skin❓

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