Who is Kashurra in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood?

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Aug 13

In the second season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Book Two, one of the most compelling new characters is the conniving yet fatherly Viceroy Kashurra. Initially presented as a friend and ally of Mirana and the heroes, his true nature is eventually revealed.

But who is Viceroy Kashurra? And what is their real relationship with Mirana and the rest of the characters in Dota: Dragon’s Blood?

Kashurra is first introduced in Dota: Dragon’s Blood as a kindly advisor to the Helio Imperium, and one of Mirana’s close confidants. In a tweet posted before the airing of Book Two, showrunner Ashley Edward Miller stated that the Viceroy “loves the Princess (Mirana) as though she were his own child. But can he guide her safely through the nest of vipers that rules the Helio Imperium?”

However, the Viceroy’s duplicitous nature is slowly revealed. Setting up Lina as the new ruler of the Imperium, the duplicitous Viceroy sends the assassin and bounty hunter Vinari to kill Mirana.

But this is revealed to be part of an even more elaborate plot. Kashurra intended Mirana to be enraged by the attempt on her life, the stealing of her throne, and the reveal that Kashurra was responsible for her parent’s death. 

Eventually, it is revealed that Kashurra is actually the human form of Byssrak, the Eldwyrm of Void. The fearsome dragon took human form to observe Mirana who he believes to be the manifestation of The Light, a primordial power that created all Dragons.Kashurra/Byssrak’s ultimate aim is to rejoin the light, and he provokes Mirana into unleashing the power of the light. Kashurra is destroyed as Mirana’s rage over the death of her closest friend, Marci, causes her to unleash her power. In the end, Kashurra’s plan worked perfectly.

Currently the cunning Viceroy Kashurra is not a hero in Dota 2. Neither in his human form, or his powerful Void Dragon persona. But as mentioned in our Byssrak article, the design of the transformed Kashurra is heavily inspired by Enigma. Additionally, he shares powers with some of the familiar Void heroes.

It seems unlikely we’ll ever see the Viceroy as a character in Dota 2, but the potential is there. A shapeshifting hero that can transform into a fearsome dragon does slightly step on Davion’s toes, but with the Void powers as well, there’s definitely space for creativity. But for now, Kashurra is not in Dota 2.

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