Who is Byssrak in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood?

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Aug 13

Byssrak, one of the Eldwurms, was first introduced to us in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season one. However, besides conversing briefly with Davion when the rest of the Eldwurms confronted him, he didn’t play much of a part in the first season. However, the Void Eldwurm Byssrak has a much more significant role in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2.

But just who is Byssrak? What role does the huge Void dragon play in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood? And what relation does Byssrak have to the existing Dota 2 lore?

As mentioned, we first see Byssrak in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s first season, as Davion meets all of the Eldwurms. However, it only plays a minor role, speaking just a few words. But even in 2021, we knew that Byssrak might have a more significant part in the series. Executive Producer Ashley Edward Miller posted a plethora of information related to the Void Eldwurm throughout March and April of 2021.

However, in Book II, Byssrak becomes an incredibly important antagonist. Harnessing the power of the Void, Viceroy Kashurra reveals his true nature and transforms into an embodiment of Byssrak. Using a power similar to Davion, he becomes a dragon and uses his powers to wreak havoc on the Imperium.

Later it is revealed that Byssrak had in millennia past encountered “two rocks,” which are heavily implied to be the forces of The Radiant and The Dire. Byssrak uncovers the truth of his existence: That all dragons were previously part of the primal power of the Sun, ripped away from it in their creation. 

This knowledge enrages Byssrak, but he finds solace in the existence of The Eye. The Eye, or The Worldwyrm, is a manifestation of the power of the Sun. In this current reality, the Eye has taken the form of Mirana. Byssrak looks to use Mirana, or at least her power, to unmake himself so that he and all dragon kind can return to the Sun.

To do this, he prokes Mirana, killing someone who she loves dearly. This causes Mirana to explode in primordial light, instantly destroying Byssrak. Ultimately, Byssrak achieved his wishes, and is now one with the Sun once more. 

Byssrak is not currently a hero in Dota 2. However, many creatures related to the void exist in the game, such as Faceless Void, Void Spirit, and Enigma. In fact, it’s noted that Byssrak is designed to have some of the traits of Enigma incorporated into his design.

Whether Byssrak will ever find himself in Dota 2 is unknown. A huge primordial dragon with the power to level a city doesn’t seem out of place in as far as heroes go in Dota 2. But it would perhaps be difficult to differentiate his abilities from those of the existing Void-based heroes. So for now, there’s no Byssrak in Dota 2.

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