Almost ended, Star Wars Event... Time for claiming skin💭💭💭

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 13

As Star Wars event is nearly ended, I eventually earned 895 Galactic coins.

After so many thinking of my positions, eventually I'm give up of Lesley Angelic Agent. Although this Lesley skin is really 'LEGEND' for me, since I'm not mm user especially lesley + I'm a roamer/fighter role, I make up my mind to deselect it away😔😔😔

But anyway, I can claim other skins, but now I hesitate for choosing skins because many beautiful skin that are attracted me, so here I want to ask your guys opinion, which skin option that you would suggest to me...

Option A
Master Yoda (Cyclops Star Wars Skin)

Constellation (Diggie Special Skin)

Option B
Sentinel (Gatotkaca Epic Skin)

Astral Wanderer (Irithiel Epic Skin)

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