Fierce Battles💥 U will decide the releasing of Odette Skin🧐

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 14

As all the Odette skin arts is going through first voting phase, now the two of the most vote number of support skins have entered to the final phase of voting period!!!

So let us going through the story of this two different Odette and what inspired them on their drawing arts.. 😊😊😊

Participant 1 : ORO

The co-creator who is an animation student and raises two hedgehogs. With the love of MOBA, he created Odette which becoming a 'Dragon Sea Maiden' under the moonlight.
Through the art, we can see ORO creator has mixed anime feature, sky theme and moonlight theme into this character which look alike with Genshin Impact character(My view haha😊).

(The biggest chance for this skin to be the skin which will release in future as the number voting is already exceeding the other one🔮)

Participant 2: Moonchild

A never give up artist which remains for sending her arts in every mlbb art competitions and finally she used his new Odette skin design to amaze MLBB judges and players.

She used ' Moon with the Night sky' theme for combining purple which is her favourite color in decorating Odette Arts. It is not a bad idea for illuminating sky moonlight into the dress of Odette. This kind of Odettw is similar to 'GOD of the MOONLIGHT'. 🌙🌠🌠

For supporting your favourite skin, you can vote with the tickets which can obtained in completing several tasks that showed above and it will refresh everyday.

(Noted, the Odette skin arts which get the most vote ticket will release it and the finalise of the arts will be operate under MLBB official, the picture of the arts above is just a simple sample imej to the players😄😄😄)

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