Stars Wars Third Comeback in MLBB part 2 (last...)

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 15

As Star Wars is already ended in today 4pm, eventually I earned up 895 Galactic Credits for making 60 Draws...

My 60 Draws is quite saving diamonds manner,
1) 13 and 14 tickets are for galactic tickets event on recharging diamonds and spending diamonds in game...

2) 10 draws which spending 700 diamonds for the first time

3) Other 23 draws were coming from daily first draw (50% off) which spending 50 diamonds every day

Total diamonds spending in the Star Wars Event🙂
➡️ 1800 💎

My remaining draw results😳😳😳...

Last draw is Kadita Special skin(Repeated skin😅), I'm forgot screeenshot because 🙄🙄🙄 in that time.

How I spended my diamonds wisely in ticket events?
1) Buy Starlight Skin

I used my diamonds on unlocking my 1st and 2nd starlight membership for obtaining numerous rewards including starlight skins, starlight exclusive emote, sacred statues, yellow aurora and so on... 😛😛😛

2) Unlocking my fourth picture in album profile🖼️🖼️🖼️ ( Just for 50 💎)

As VIVIZ's fan (Na.V🦋) , I would like to share every beautiful photo moments that are captured by VIVIZ.📸💖💖💖

3) Draw in mlbb x star war event
Just draw for reaching (Spend 500 diamonds) mission😁

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