PSG.LGD Take revenge on Team Spirit and 2-0 them at the Arlington Major

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Aug 16

In the upper brackets finals of the Arlington Major PSG.LGD had a rematch with Team Spirit. The last time the two teams faced off on a major stage was at the the International 10, when the two teams faced off for the 40 million dollar prize pool.

In that showdown, Team Spirit took the 5 game series and had one of the best dark horse stories in all of Dota. However, today in the match between the two teams, LGD swept Team Spirit 2-0. Ironically the same day Valve release a trailer for the TI10 True Sight episode.

As per every tournament, a specific meta develops throughout the games. At the Arlington major, this was no different. With constant bans and picks towards staples like Razor, Puck, Chen and others, you tend to see a lot of the same heroes throughout the games.

However, in game 1 LGD brought out 2 heroes that we haven’t seen for a long time: Phantom Assassin and Crystal Maiden. After a pretty rough start against Collapse’s infamous Mars, LGD’s Phantom Assassin with the support of Crystal Maiden took the over the game and won game 1.

Game 2 was a lot closer than game 1, with the net worth being around even for around 30 minutes. This was until a fateful fight around the Roshan Pit. In this fight, the legendary TI winner Faith_Bain got a double rampage with his Dawnbreaker.

In professional Dota, it is always a hype moment to see a rampage and so Faith_Bian continued the killstreak by killing Torontotokyo after he bought back on Void Spirit, sparking a thunderous reaction from the crowd.

Although Team Spirit did lose the series, it was an upper bracket match. So, Team Spirit will go on to face the winner of OG versus Aster later today. It’ll be a great match with either team moving on from the lower bracket semi finals. But, if Aster moves on, then they’ll get a rematch with Team Spirit, who they lost to in the Upper Bracket Semi finals earlier in the tournament.

At this point, is there any team that can put a stop to PSG.LGD’s unstoppable rampage? It seems like staying tuned to the Arlington Major is the only way to find out. You can check out the specific dotabuff match details here. For more Arlington Major coverage, stay tuned to!

Noah Pather  ESPORTS.GG  2022-08-13 09:54:00
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