Phase 2 of Estes Blacklist International event RUN NOW!!!

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 18

Reminder!!! Reminder!!! News!!!
My ideal Estes skin, Blacklist International is finally released...

Hehe, actually as low as the price of Estes Blacklist is 499 diamonds, in the end I'm still not found out a player who need discount of Estes skin😐

Normal task to be completed...

And here the content of champion item pack...

Avatar Border

Spawn Effect

Eliminate Effect

Recall Effect


So now I can't wait to purchase this skin from shop🏪🏪🏪, now hurry to buy the skin(only 1 week launch with 30% discount)

For champion item pack📦, I would consider that as it is separate with Estes Blacklist skin
(Hmm, I think this is first time? Normally MLBB official will attach and promote discount pack together hehe📥📥📥)

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