Come to join Magic Chess S10 event🤪🤪🤪

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 21


With the coming of Magic Chess Season 10, sure it has its own activities for joining😊👍

Log in game,
Play Magic Chess Match(maximum 3, minimum 1),
Get 1st in Magic Chess Match (maximum 2, minimum 1)

Rewards that will be exchange

Best of the day (emote?!!) & Smoke Bomb(Interactive gift) are the two things I think worth to exchange😁😁😁

My recent results in Magic Chess Matches

I will show my magic chess experience to you guys hehe😜😜😜

1st match:

5th place 😮‍💨

2nd match:

6th place 😢

3rd match:

5th places😮‍💨

4th match:

1st place 🥰

Finally on the nombor 4 round, tend to get 1st places✨✨✨

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