Red Bull Solo Q League of Legends tournament returns to Canada: Everything you need to know

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Aug 22

1v1ers rejoice, as the Red Bull Solo Q League of Legends tournament is returning to Canada, giving players a chance to duke it out against others for a coveted spot in the Canadian National Final. The country’s top player will then get a shot at competing in the Red Bull Solo Q World Finals.

Red Bull Solo Q is a 1v1 League of Legends esports tournament. This means the competitor who draws first blood, takes down their opponent’s tower or farms 100 minions first claims victory. 

While the first online qualifier for Canada will kick off on August 27th, the next one will happen on September 3rd. The top players will head to the Red Bull Solo Q Canada National Final.

Registration for the Red Bull Solo Q League of Legends action is now open. Red Bull’s official event page also links to each qualifier’s respective Battlefy section.

Here are the different qualifier dates plus their direct Battlefy links:

As for the prizes, everyone up to 50th place in the qualifiers will get one, according to Red Bull’s email press release. Below is an overview of the top prizes.

First Place:

Second Place:

As for the Red Bull Solo Q Canada National Final, it will take place on Oct. 1. According to Red Bull’s event page, more information about the Canadian National Final will be available soon. Below is the overview of the top prizes.

First Place:

Second Place:

In the past, Canada has done well in the international phase of the Red Bull Solo Q tournament. In 2019, Tristan “Jumong” Cote-Lalumiere became the Red Bull Player One League of Legends champion.

Jumong has been a challenger ADC since season 4, according to an interview. In seasons 6, 7 and 8, he reached rank 1 in the North American region. He then started going pro in season 7 before getting picked up by Flyquest. Nearing the end of season 8, he also joined the Echo Fox Academy.

In 2020, Jumong further detailed his experience in another interview with Red Bull. He advised that players should practice what they’re good at and watch VoDs for a general idea of the Red Bull Solo Q action. 

Through this year’s Red Bull Solo Q event, League of Legends hopefuls will continue having a shot at showing off their skills on the international stage. Competitors will also get the chance to prove themselves and get noticed by the pro scene. 

In addition to signing up, interested players are encouraged to join the Red Bull Canada Discord server. 

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