LCK Summer 2022 playoffs: Schedule, results, format, teams, where to watch

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Aug 22

After nine weeks of regular season competition, the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) has locked in its six top-performing teams for the LCK Summer 2022 playoffs.

Reigning Spring champions T1 have the opportunity to claim back-to-back LCK titles in the upcoming postseason, but they’ll have to keep an eye on rivals Gen.G. The Tiger Nation team finished first in the regular season with a dominant 17-1 record, losing only one match to T1.

Here’s everything you need to know about the LCK Summer 2022 playoffs, including its schedule, teams, results, and where to watch the matches live.

The 2022 LCK Summer playoffs is the culminating tournament of the LCK Summer split, where teams will fight for the last LCK title of the year and Worlds 2022 qualification.

Out of 10 franchised esports organizations competing in the LCK Summer 2022 split, only the top six qualify for playoffs. Their placement determines which round they are seeded into.

The playoffs feature a single-elimination bracket with best-of-five matches. The top two teams of the regular season (Gen.G and T1) will receive a bye to round 2 of the tournament.

In round 1, the third seed plays the sixth seed, while the fourth seed plays the fifth seed. After round 1, the first seed (Gen.G) selects their semifinal opponent from the two round 1 winners.

The playoffs champion qualifies for Worlds 2022 as the LCK’s first seed. The rest of the participating teams will receive championship points based on their playoffs placement, which will determine if they qualify for Worlds.

The playoffs will take place from August 17 to 28.

Fans can watch the LCK Summer split playoffs on the official English and Korean Twitch LCK channels.

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