What your thought about Hyper Blend mode?? Love💖 or Hate💔💭?

Naruto Namikaze
Aug 22

Hyper Blend is temporarily leaving from us for a while...
1) Anyway, do you like this so much???
... Since many heroes can learn some available skills from other heroes.
(I assure there are a lot of skills to be released once Hyper Blend comrback again😊😊😊)

2) And also, who is the hero you are the most like and which combination do you put with him to boost his ability?
.. (from escape, boosting attack, enhacing mobility and...)

For me, I like this new mode because can play the hero with additional skill, add more chance on stimulating us as you must predict more availability for enemy to made on attack to you with his/her special skills

So here the second part I would like to share with you my experience on using which hero, combination skill, my thought of their combination

4th round:
Layla with Mortal Coil (Martis Second skill)

As I'm a bad mm user, at choosing phase I thought since Layla cannot has bad condition on close combat with other heroes, why not put a powerful skill when near to the enemy.

But unfortunately, Layla needs MOBILITY!MOBILITY!! MOBILITY!!! This skill really helpless when facing enemy, just add one or second seconds to the death😅☠️☠️
(Not Recommend😨)

Fifth round:
Johnson with Minotaur ulti(Minoan Fury)

Haha, finally back to Roamer time😊
And this skill really suits with Johnson. You can made enemy with second huge impacts.

Firstly, near with crowd of opponents using Johnson Ulti.
Second, release Minotaur Ulti to stun enemies again with fews of second
( In these time, you can let teammates for taking explosive damage on them ✨✨✨)
Last, just use first and second skill to chase hp low enemies with teammates😁✌️
(Recommended 👌👌)

Sixth and seventh round:
Minotaur & Estes with Vexana ulti (Eternal Guard)

This is really boosting the close combat attack foe these two supports. Minotaur has a skill ehich csn attack enemy heroes more aggressively and Estes has a skill which can solve his disadvantage on fighting back enemy because his two skill is healing and one skill is slowing enemies only. The small lord physical attack is really powerful as putting pressure to enemies and can summon one time again to come back to your side😉

(Recommended 👌👌)

Eighth round:
Johnson with Belerick second skill (Nature's strike)

This is another useful skill which made a surprise on me. ( I thought it is Belerick ulti at first and stand there when activating this addition skill😂😂😂)

But later, when I discover it, you can use Johnson to crash enemies as you like and just use Belerick second skill to boost speed whether chasing enemies or escaping from enemy ganking👍👍👍(It helps me so many times from escaping even one time almkost died with just one normal attack)

(Recommended 👌👌)

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