FLY Josedeodo on current jungle meta: “I mean the biggest problem with playing carries is like even if I have three items I am playing into Zeri and Sivir who one shot me [laughs]”

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Aug 30

FlyQuest ended the final week of the LCS summer split regular season with a 10-8 record. Super week was a successful one for FLY and to finish the split with double-digit wins is an impressive feat. At the time this interview with FLY Josedeodo was conducted, FLY were preparing to face Cloud9 in their tiebreaker match, with the loser facing Team Liquid. FlyQuest ultimately dropped that match and will face TL later today.

Joining the roster in 2020, Argentian jungler Josedeodo is quickly becoming a household name in North America. Having become the first player from Latin America to join the LCS, Jose has quickly become a solid LCS jungler through strong carry performances. Following their victory over TSM, FLY Josedeodo spoke to’s Piratechnics for our first LCS video interview.

Pira: First of all congratulations on your win you guys 3-0’d this week with the tiebreaker still to play. How are you feeling so far this week?

FLY Josedeodo: We’re feeling really good even though this one wasn’t the best week because we didn’t play the best teams in the three games. We still have a lot of confidence for today’s match [against Cloud9] because we prepare a lot for them. So we knew this was a chance that it will happen. And we were ready for it. So we’re really confident that we can win, but we are still happy with the 3-0. But the wins could be better for sure.

Pira:  For FlyQuest it seems over the weeks you guys have been steadily improving. Do you feel despite not always the cleanest wins that your form has improved significantly going into the playoffs?

FLY Josedeodo: I think for sure we improve. Mostly because of practice. We see the little improvements, even though people might not see them. Because usually, our losses are like so tough. Like, I don’t know, the TL loss for example, that we are like one kill and they have 20 for example, so people may think oh this team is so bad.

But for us, it’s like we are trying a lot of stuff and we are putting a lot of effort into practice, which I think we see improvement and people might not see it. But we see. So in this 3-0, it doesn’t seem like the best one but it’s like an improvement for us compared to last week. We were like 0-4 so pretty good.

Pira: Your AD carry Johnsun has been popping off though. What are you feeding your bot lane? [laughs]

FLY Josedeodo: I think the meta itself helps a lot, for example, Zeri and Sivir,  these champions are like ‘I have three items let’s go fight guys’ [laughs]. So the meta is like this, but I believe it is not that easy. Like you obviously have to be talented to be able to carry out all the skills, to dodge skill shots or do that kind of stuff and be able to position yourself so props to him for stepping up this week.

Pira: For your own performance. You have been playing some other champions that have been rising in priority, particularly you were on the Vi yesterday. We’ve also seen in the jungle now, that champions, like Skarner are coming back into the meta in North America. What do you think about the changeup and jungle priority?

FLY Josedeodo: I think jungle is more like, what do you need for the team? Like, I don’t know, for example, whenever the team needs to engage, you might need to go VI, you might need to go Jarvan, you might need to go on Skarner sometimes because they pick Poppy, for example. I think it’s a really good counter [Skarner]. I think Santorin, for example, played really well.

But you can also opt for the carry role like Viego and Sejuani top lane, that kind of stuff work sometimes. Today, for example, we picked Lee Sin, it’s not the best, but you have to play it because they’ve banned three junglers. So it’s like one of the best options we have. So I’m feeling okay with jungle.

Pira: Having a big jungle pool is big. Is there a style that you particularly prefer to play in regards to carry versus being more the engage and playing the supportive role?

FLY Josedeodo: I mean the biggest problem with playing carries is like even if I have three items I am playing into Zeri and Sivir who one shot me [laughs] so I don’t really know. For example, you see Inspired he is 10-0 but he almost gets one shot even though he’s 10-0, I don’t know it feels so weak to play jungle nowadays so I feel better playing the support still like Jarvan and Sejuani.

Pira: So talk to me a little bit about your journey in the LCS you’ve now been in this region for a couple of years. What is your proudest moment on the FlyQuest roster?

FLY Josedeodo: I think there is no like proud moment because we still haven’t accomplished anything different from the last split. But I’m happy that how we work as a team now nowadays like with Philip and how we evolve every day it’s like a nice experience.

Even though we might not be the best team right but we still have a lot of fun in the scrims, we still have a lot of fun in like the matches. We learn a lot every day. So the process itself is like my biggest ‘proud’ moment and how we evolve as a team every week. I think that’s the biggest takeaway.

Pira: You are the face of this FlyQuest organisation and you are also the only import player in North America to come from the Latin American region. What has that experience been like for you?

FLY Josedeodo: I mean, for me, it’s funny because at first nobody like, really cared too much because ‘he was an import’. But with time I feel like people have been liking me a bit more in NA, mostly because of champions queue because I am always in comms trolling people.

Pira: You were last at Worlds in 2020. And this was a part of your former team in Rainbow 7. How big would it be for you to be able to make Worlds this year in a FlyQuest jersey?

FLY Josedeodo: Ah well for me, the most important part about making Worlds is the experience itself. Also, I said it more than once for Phillip for example that he’s a rookie playing against these kinds of players is probably like crazy, you know, thinking like he’s coming last year playing with his friends, you know, in Flex queue to playing at Worlds.

It’s a big step up for Philip, and for me, it’s really good that you get to play with Canyon, for example, these types of players are like crazy. So I really like to get this experience. Because every time I feel like when I play with better players, I get better. Since I went to Korea this offseason, I think it helped me a lot, for example, and I think it would be the same for Worlds.

Pira: Now the journey to worlds of course starts with the playoffs. You guys are currently looking at potentially fifth depending on how the tiebreaker goes. And how confident do you feel that your team will be able to win out in those best of fives?

FLY Josedeodo: Well, I think, first of all, we are gonna see a new patch. Because if I’m not wrong, we’re playing on 12.15. So we first we got adapt to the patch, they buffed Lee Sin so that is good for us [laughs], there are some changes, not so crazy but you always have to adapt. But I feel pretty confident. I think we have a lot of chances no matter who it is maybe CLG or 100 Thieves, I think we’re really confident. And even if we lose, we still have the loser bracket.

This interview was conducted before FlyQuest took on Cloud9 in the fifth place tiebreaker.

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