Watch Nisha’s Void Spirit go in deep for a kill — and pull out just in time

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Aug 30

Two European titans, Team Secret and OG, battled for dominance at ESL One Malaysia 2022—and the series did not disappoint.

Secret’s midlaner Michał “Nisha” Jankowski was incredible yet again, exemplified by his Void Spirit play. Secret and OG fought in the upper bracket, where the winner would move on to be guaranteed top three at the tournament. The first game was a nail biter with twists and turns on both sides.

This brilliant play might have come in a losing effort, but the rest of Secret more than made up for it with two straight wins in games two and three to send OG to the lower bracket.

At the 28-minute mark, Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf’s brilliant initiation meant that Secret’s carry Dawnbreaker and offlane Centaur Warrunner was quickly taken out of the fight. Secret did the same to OG’s two supports, but that left Nisha’s Void Spirit as the sole core standing versus OG’s terrifying tri-core.

Instead of calling it a lost fight and backing out, the 21-year-old decided to commit onto a half-health ATF, whose Mars had already used BKB. Weaving into the fight, he quickly checked the bottom rune in case there was anything that could help him, and found a Regeneration that would become important later on.

Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov’s Queen of Pain had the same idea, but Nisha beat him to the rune, and unleashed a spell combo that took bzm down enough that he Blinked away.

OG, with all three cores still alive, were still eager to fight. They periodically needled Secret’s mid with spells, expecting the Void Spirit to back away. Emboldened by the multiple defensive spells and items coming from his supports—including Phoenix’s Sun Ray, Treant Protector’s Living Armor, and a Glimmer Cape, Nisha decided that it wasn’t enough to simply back off.

Knowing that ATF and bzm were low on health, Nisha continued to dive into the three OG cores with Astral Step, despite having one-third HP. He missed his ultimate, but he still found with his Ethereal Blade and Aether Remnant.

At less than 200 health, he then popped his Regeneration rune before entering Dissimilate, managing to avoid the damage-over-time from Queen of Pain’s Shadow Strike and regaining some precious resources. The Dissimilate was finally enough to kill off the Mars, but the fight still wasn’t over.

Bzm Blinked in to use Scream of Pain, dropping Nisha to 30 health—making his Regeneration Rune play crucial to his survival. With Astral Step finally off cooldown, Nisha ulted out.

But Slark and Queen of Pain were more than ready to use their mobility to try to finish off the Void Spirit. Instead, Nisha calmly sidestepped Slark’s Pounce, and thanks to the Glimmer Cape, he once again survived with barely 30HP to bzm’s Scream combo.

With a final Dissimilate out, Nisha’s breathtaking sequence of plays was finally over with him living to tell the tale—with much thanks given to the bevy of saves from his supports.

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